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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:35

Kongo Corporation


Sales Pitch

Overdoors, dock shelters, dock levelers, heat-insulated doors, large doors, special doors
Industrial overdoors: Highly resistant to wind pressure, particularly displaying their performance in large openings. Speedily opened and closed manually, they look good too. Widely used at airports, ports, fire stations, and other public facilities, along with warehouses, factories, and other private-sector facilities. With products excellent not only at room temperature but at low temperature as well, we have dock shelters and air shelters and block the differences in temperature and humidity from the outside, prevent dew condensing, thereby saving large portions of utilities expenses for cold warehouses and facilities.
Residential garage doors: Characterized similarly to industrial overdoors, they look good and can be used in a more stylish manner than motor-driven ones. There is a wide variety of models, made of aluminum, steel, wood, and other material; with color options; and with film sheet attached or not attached to them. We are a pioneer in Japan and numerous celebrities have been using us since old times. We address various built-in garages with our custom-made doors.
Heat-insulated doors: They are resistant to all temperatures leading to minus 60 degrees, extremely airtight, and resistant to dew condensation, thereby supporting your low-temperature logistics. We also provide motor-driven and manual, double-and single-sliding, slide and swing, and compatible with various ranges of temperature. We also provide sheet shutters, vinyl curtains, and other equipment as well.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company designs and manufactures overhead doors and other types of doors according to each customer’s needs. We also design door-related structures, openings, indoor installation positions, and opening-closing counts and speeds based on customer specifications including door size, operating temperature, and ceiling height and depth. We manufacture these products at our factory and install them ourselves. We also have a system for managing the product installation record and repair history for each customer. Therefore, we can quickly respond to inquiries for purchase, repairs, and replacement. We also use such feedback for new product development.

[Business description]
We develop, manufacture, sell, and maintain doors. Our products are overhead doors for warehouses, factories, ports and harbors, fire stations, and other buildings. They include home garage doors, dock shelters, air shelters, and dock levelers for truck loading and unloading, and overhead doors for constant/low-temperature warehouses. We also provide indoor heat insulating doors, large doors for airport hangars and other large facilities, and special doors for railyards. We plan to expand our business not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asian countries, China, and Taiwan. We are ready to meet requests in other areas as well.

Overhead door manufacturing

[Representative's message]
In Japanese, "KONGO" means something very hard to break. In Buddhism, it means wisdom and virtue to defeat worldly desires. We will keep aiming to achieve the optimum manufacturing by gathering our wisdom and virtue always with a pioneering spirit. We look forward to introducing more materials, processing, technologies, and services through J-GoodTech.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have strong relationships with general contractors, design offices, and logistics centers, on which our workflow is mainly based. We will cultivate relationships with various other industries to expand sales channels. Each division gathers in-house information by expanding direct relationships with lines and planes.

[Awards and media coverage]
Kindaikenchiku-sha “Kindaikenchiku”; Neko Publishing “Garage Life”; IPROS Corporation “Manufacturing technology database site”

Certification of sound insulating effect, hydraulic unlocking device performance rating number, and fire prevention equipment certification number

[Intellectual property]
Japanese Patent Nos. 3345749, 5214069, and 4571174, and Utility Model Registration No. 1369911

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ

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