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Toushin Seisakusho Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
As a sheet metalworking/canning manufacturer, we are highly skilled at creating three-dimensional structures such as hopper valves and ducts, and we have earned a good reputation for our welding techniques. In the design and development area, customers are offered recommendations on design/manufacturing by engineers who are knowledgeable about each customer’s industry. We also have a casting plant in Vietnam where cost-effective high-quality castings are manufactured with the help of experts dispatched from Japan. 

[Business description]
Our main business lines are (1) sheet metalworking/canning, (2) design/development, and (3) metal 3D printing. The sheet metalworking/ canning operations cover a wide range of products, from small articles to large equipment, based on 45 years of experience in Ota Ward. Our expert engineers can provide recommendations during various design/manufacturing phases through their extensive knowledge in individual industries. In addition, our metal 3D printing technology is expected to create a new era in metal processing, and allows us to make high-precision products by a single process. 

Manufacturing (metal processing)

[Representative's message]
Since our establishment in 1970, we have operated as a metal processing manufacturer that produces hoppers, valves, and ducts. In recent years, we established mass production facilities overseas and a manufacturing laboratory. Providing product samples in the development/design phase, and networking with local manufacturers for technology enhancement are new initiatives to expand our boundaries beyond basic consignment manufacturing. Through J_x001E_GoodTech, we will introduce our strong points, aiming to enter various other fields. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has developed sales channels in many fields by participating in various exhibitions, explaining our technologies and expanding our business in Vietnam. In terms of technology development, we have hosted industry-academia collaboration projects for the future development of metal processing, and participated in research at Toshin Lab to support the manufacturing sector as a part of our active collaboration efforts. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Ota Ward Excellent Factory (2009); Tokyo Metropolitan Government Management Innovation Plan (2008)

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