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First Electronics Development Co., Ltd. (Fedeco)


Sales Pitch

Presentation of business areas, products, and technologies covered
Business areas and corporate strengths
[Our business areas]
We are a 50-year-old development-oriented manufacturer. Combining our rich experiences and accumulated technology with leading-edge technology, we meet your wishes to make this or that by using a wide range of electronics technology based mainly on radio, analog, digital, microcomputer, and sensor technology. With a long lineup of various electronics meters, we ensure and supply appropriate technology.

[Our corporate strengths]
Responding speedily to your orders to develop and manufacture custom-made products, we use a wide range of technology and know-how to tackle all processes ranging from product development to prototyping to manufacturing. We are also equipped with a complete set of electronics measuring machinery and equipment for development and design. With our equally abundant stock of knowledge of electronics parts, we take orders to develop on a commission a wide range of products, to prototype, manufacture, and manufacture them on an OEM basis. 
Strengths of products and technologies
*Delivered miniature FM broadcasting equipment to the Bank of Japan, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, and Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited. 
*Delivered tunnel FM radio rerun equipment to NEXCO East Japan.
*Received delivery of power supply units for restoring trains in an outage and mounted them on all the trains for Tokyo Metro.
*Adopted radio train departure bells at JR Tokai's 50 stations.
*Supplied sporting competition meters on an OEM basis to TAG Heuer.
*Delivered communications devices for artificial satellites to JAXA.
*Employed medical telemeters from Fukuda M-E Kogyo Co., Ltd. 
*Received delivery of diapers equipped with radio transmitter for nursing care from Kuraray Medical.
A message from the CEO; an internal system geared to exploring sales channels and going global
[A message from the CEO]
Our selling points are at our long-cultivated technology, know-how, experience, and  track record. We are proud of them. We earnestly hope to make them useful in enhancing the functions, technologies, and performance of products from other industries. Our current sales activities center around our website. Although we display our products at exhibitions sponsored by local supporting organizations, we realize that our insufficient salespersonship is an issue. We therefore have high hopes in J-GoodTech, which is spread among a wide range of industries, for its potential to help us expand our sales channels.

[An internal system geared to exploring sales channels and going global]
As a development-oriented manufacturer, we have technology and know-how and an abundant experience that we obtained by tackling a wide variety of electronics engineering. We are also able to take in leading-edge technology and collect related information as well. We wish to cooperate with the agricultural, forestry, fishery, and other communities relatively lagging behind in adopting electronics technology, thereby helping reactivate industry. We also want to extend technical cooperation to the machinery and power industries with our radio and electronics technology, thereby helping them step up their product technology. To that end, we will make our engineering fees known through our website and by displaying our technologies at exhibitions sponsored by local supporting organizations.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We quickly respond to demands for development and production of custom-made products. We apply our sophisticated technology and extensive expertise to satisfy various orders for product development, prototyping, and manufacturing. We also possess electronic measuring equipment and equipment for development and design work. We have a wealth of knowledge about electronic components. A large number of major companies place orders with us for contracted development, prototyping, manufacturing, and OEM manufacturing.

[Business description]
We are a development-oriented manufacturer that has celebrated its 50th anniversary. We respond to customers who ask if is it possible for us to make a particular article. We make use of a wide range of electronic technologies based on wireless, analog, digital, microcomputer, and sensor technology. We also add advanced techniques to our extensive experience and accumulated technology. We are fully equipped with electronic measuring instruments to guarantee the precision technology services we offer.

Electronic equipment development, design, and manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Our strong points are the technology, expertise, experience, and track record that we have acquired, built up, and created over the course of many years. We sincerely hope that this will be useful for improving the functions, technology, and performance of products in many industries. Our website plays the core role in our current sales activities. We also participate in exhibitions sponsored by regional support organizations. We also recognize that insufficient sales ability is an issue for our company. We have great expectations for expanding our sales channels by posting our company on J-GoodTech, which covers a wide range of industries.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are a development-oriented manufacturer. We possess technology, expertise, and an extensive track record that we have actively acquired by taking on the challenge of a wide range of electronic technologies. We also have the capacity to acquire advanced technologies and collect information. We plan to make a contribution through technical cooperation to the revitalization of industries where electronic technology is not yet widely used, such as agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. We want to apply wireless and electronic technologies to cooperate with the machine industry and the electric power industry to help strengthen their product technology. We have plans to publicize our technical capabilities through our website and exhibitions held by regional support organizations.

[Awards and media coverage]
The 2014 Itabashi Product and Technology Grand Awards, Judge’s Award; Kita-ku Mirai wo Hiraku Sangyojin, Special Mention (1997).

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, “2013 Monozukuri Hakusho” (June 2013);  Nippon TV, “Shin-Nippon Tankentai,” sponsored by the Cabinet Office of Japan (February 19, 2006); Weekly Diamond, “Tanbo: Chiisana Kyojintachi” (December 13, 2003); MX-TV, “Chusho Kigyo no Sokojikara” (September 16, 2012); TV Tokyo, “News Morning Satellite” (February 28, 2006); TV Tokyo, “Gaia no Yoake” (May 13, 2008); 
TBS, “Machi-koba kara Sekai he,” “Evening Five” (February 9, 2009).

[Intellectual property]
Two registered patents including a hearing aid system (Japanese Patent No. 4170143); one pending Japanese laid-open patent application.

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