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Sonic Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our 3D ultrasonic wind velocity meter for cleanrooms has a span of only 3 mm. It is the world’s smallest device of its kind and available only from our company. This meter features velocity measurement from 0 m/sec and follow-up with 0.5-second responses. This meter accurately measures and visualizes air flow disturbances caused by machines or workbenches in a cleanroom or factory. The meter performance is not affected by temperature changes. Our 2D ultrasonic anemometer covers a range of wind velocities up to 90 m/s. This anemometer can measure flows from breezes to strong winds with high responsiveness and linearity. A model with built-in heater is also available, and is optimal for snowy areas. This model has no moving parts, but features weather resistance sufficient to withstand strong winds.

[Business description]
Our company applies ultrasonic measurement technology to develop, manufacture, sell, and maintain measuring instruments, which includes products for meteorological, marine weather, fishery, and industrial uses. Our advantages are our technologies for ultrasonic detection, flow speed and rate measurement, distance measurement, remote sensing, and meteorological marine weather system integration. Our products include meteorological observation systems, ultrasonic anemometers, ultrasonic snow depth meters, Doppler sodar, marine weather observation systems, Doppler marine weather meters, wave meters, and velocity meters. We also offer tide gauges, fish finders, scanning sonar, tidal current meters, net finders, ultrasonic gas flowmeters, ultrasonic liquid flowmeters, and interface level meters.

Measuring instrument manufacturing and sales

[Representative's message]
We receive many national-level orders, which is probably due to our technology and reliability. We take pride in these strengths. You can use our ultrasonic liquid flowmeter to manage flow rates of industrial water, tap water, seawater, pure water, agricultural water, oil, and other liquids. It is a clamp-on type that is easy to attach to an existing pipe. The flow rate measuring range is extremely wide and the pressure loss is zero. Consult us for a submersible type (equivalent to IP68). Our marine weather meter is contributing to continuous wave monitoring at more than 50 points in major ports and harbors throughout Japan. It is used in the NOWPHAS system (Nationwide Ocean Wave information network for Ports and HArbourS). Accurate wave height measurement helps to prevent damage during tsunamis and other disasters.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our micro liquid flowmeter can measure a micro flow rate of IPA, pure water, or chemical liquid in a one-eighth-inch pipe in a semiconductor manufacturing process with zero pressure loss. The flowmeter can handle non-contact measurement of a micro flow rate from 1 mL per minute. Our ultrasonic gas flowmeter has zero pressure loss as well as excellent reproducibility and responsiveness. The flowmeter has a flameproof enclosure (Ex d II, complying with BT6X) and has a gas non-contact structure with auto temperature and pressure correction functionality. You can easily replace the sensor for exhaust gas measurement as well. We also provide products to the fishery field in addition to industrial products. Our fishery products include a long-body fish finder that can measure fish body length distribution in a school of fish from on board a ship. We will continue to seek a wide range of potential applications of ultrasonic technology.

ISO 9001

[Intellectual property]
Gas Meter (Unexamined Japanese Patent Application No.  2011-089829); Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Unexamined Japanese Patent Application No. 2011-085500); and many other patents.

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