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Aida MechaSystem Co., Ltd.

Planning, designing, producing, installing, and remodeling various energy-saving, labor-saving, as well as automatic equipment

We are a manufacturer that designs as well as produces automatic equipment and remodels as well as performs maintenance or preventive maintenance on machinery and equipment. We perform processes ranging from design to installation and maintenance in a one-stop manner. We provide inspection support for equipment regardless of its manufacturer to support clients, machinery, and equipment and would like to be the "primary care doctor" who performs routine examination and takes preventive measures.

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Equipment maintenance, inspection, and repair
In the not-too-distant past, there were skilled craftsmen in each factory who intuitively determined whether the equipment was in good or bad condition and even adjusted as well as maintained the equipment. Today, however, the number of experienced craftsmen is decreasing, and furthermore, the number of craftsmen who can determine the condition of equipment is also decreasing. Equipment which continues operating is inevitably worn no matter how carefully it has been operated. What happens if the equipment suddenly stops operating? What happens if the inoperability is a serious failure? The influence of the failure on schedules and sales at the production site will be incalculable. 
We, Aida MechaSystem Co., Ltd., provide "service for maintaining and inspecting equipment" to periodically take care of your company's equipment which is the core of your production line. As the "primary care doctor" for your equipment, we will provide preventive care under a periodic inspection system before the equipment causes any problems. If a failure occurs, we are able to repair the equipment faster than any other company since we understand the equipment better than anyone and can support you with a reliable system.  
Support plan and cycle for maintenance and inspection
Applying the notion of "preventive maintenance" to maintenance and inspection, we will establish a support plan that considers factors such as inspection frequencies and criteria at normal times and the deterioration of the equipment. After starting to provide the support, we will perform maintenance on the equipment in a 1-3 month cycle, depending on the plan, to prevent any trouble with the equipment and any increase in the percentage of defective products. If the condition of the equipment necessitates a review of the support plan or a major repair, we will properly make proposals and take the appropriate responses. 
Please consult us about the equipment, regardless of which company produced it and how good or bad the condition of the equipment is.     
Please consult Aida MechaSystem Co., Ltd. about equipment regardless of whether it was produced by us or another manufacturer. We will propose the optimum maintenance plan suitable for the condition of the equipment.
Customized design
We, Aida MechaSystem Co., Ltd., have accumulated a lot of achievements in terms of design and production. One example of the achievements is "labor saving equipment" that aims to streamline production and increase sales through labor-saving. The labor-saving is achieved by the  mechanization of the production site.
Furthermore, since our businesses are maintaining, repairing, and remodeling the equipment which is produced by a variety of manufacturers and the condition of which varies, we can find "the equipment's weak points," which only we are able to discover, and take the optimum measures against them. We fully apply these precious experiences to each step of designing and producing original equipment.
By doing these, we are able to maximize the equipment's performance required by the client and make the optimum proposals that consider mid- as well as long-term operation, which includes the endurance and user-friendliness of the system, and that can be made only by us, Aida MechaSystem Co., Ltd.       
In addition, please entrust us with inspection and maintenance of equipment produced by us since we are good at maintenance and overhaul. Based on the optimum plan that can be designed only by us, the designer of the equipment, we propose and execute maintenance and overhaul plans. 
Remodeling existing equipment
Have you considered remodeling your existing equipment to add new processing capabilities and improve production speed as well as accuracy so as to increase productivity and sales at your production site as early as possible and at the lowest risks possible?
Newly introducing equipment causes big problems which include not only upfront costs, but also space for installation as well as labor and education costs for securing operators who will operate the new system.
Compared with the introduction of new equipment, remodeling existing equipment allows your company to achieve results with a low budget and in a short period. In addition, since the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle can be applied to the smallest unit, the remodeling enables swift and accurate establishment of a production environment that is most suitable for your company. 
Remodeling pieces of equipment, which have been used for a long period, enables them to be actively operated for a long time well into the future.
We, Aida MechaSystem Co., Ltd., will make proposals on better remodeling from unique viewpoints by not only introducing cutting-edge technologies, but also applying know-how and ideas that have been nurtured as the "primary care doctor in the manufacturing industry."

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