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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:58


Technology advances at the manufacturing site.

Focusing on the three core businesses of "design support," "cutting machining," and "assembly" of various types of machinery, equipment, or the like, we engage in manufacturing under an integrated manufacturing system. Our greatest strength is giving clients feedback about issues or problems found in each process from technical viewpoints, to enable them to make improvements such as producing higher quality products, improving efficiency, and shortening delivery periods.

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Development and design
We, TERANO, always keep in mind that we should develop and design products with the same motivation as the client. Therefore, our development and design start from surely understanding what functions are required of the equipment by the client. We sometimes make proposals to clients while considering current processing conditions. Innovative and epoch-making ideas require conversation with clients and communication that deepens collaboration with them. We aim at achieving ideal development and design, an example of which is immediately responding to a request from a client when the client informs us of the specifications of a product.
Machining of components
[Machining that brings together some processes] We introduced NT4200DCG, a combined cutting machine that achieves highly precise and high-speed machining by suppressing vibration. By using the combined cutting machine created from cutting-edge technologies related to machining centers and lathes, we precisely perform more tasks in fewer processes while improving precision and increasing efficiency. We, TERANO, meet the needs of machining of components more quickly and precisely.  
[Ultra-precision machining] Our machining centers perform ultra-precision machining. By reviewing work processes and considering processing methods which are backed by our technologies and experience, we aim at producing even higher quality products through the 2D and 3D machining of components.
[Precise turning process] By using a CNC lathe and a CNC combined lathe, we can perform precise turning processes. Furthermore, we have three general purpose lathes which flexibly process components. For example, they can process a small number (one or two) of components or highly flexible process components. By applying two advanced technologies, namely cutting-edge equipment and artisanship, we solve the problems of clients.
[Ultra-high-speed machining of slender components] By using VTC-2000L (max. processable work size: 3050 x 510 mm) produced by Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, we can perform five-face machining of slender components which include side plates as well as slide rails and the length of which is around 3 m, at ultra-high speeds. Utilizing our years of experience in machining slender components, we pursue the outcome that is best for our clients.
[High-speed drilling, tapping, and reamer processing] In pursuit of high precision and efficiency increase, we introduced tapping centers of DMG Mori Seiki Co. including TV-400 and TV-300. These tapping centers perform more sophisticated machining of components than machining centers, accelerating working speed.
Assembly and adjustment
[Essentials of assembly and adjustment that we understand because we are able to perform sophisticated machining of components] Our Component Machining Dept. is equipped with high technology and is filled with originality as well as ingenuity. By using their knowledge and experience, we achieve better performance out of equipment and consider as well as execute effective assembly methods that easily allow for maintenance. Furthermore, we thoroughly adjust equipment; that is, we deliver reliable equipment.
[Workspace large enough to assemble large-sized equipment] We have 15-, 4.8-, as well as 2-t cranes and two forklifts, allowing for assembly of large-sized equipment. We assemble high-performance equipment by applying our wealth of experience, executing daily improvement, and implementing the 5S system.  
[Performing adjustment that achieves better performance out of equipment] We perform detailed adjustment, which includes finely adjusting components, thoroughly checking operation, and executing running tests, to maximize the performance of equipment.
"Know-how" feedback system of TERANO
The system is dedicated to quality improvement and cost reduction for our clients!
[What is the feedback system?]
For component machining and equipment assembly, we propose improvements from technical viewpoints. 
We thoroughly check the conditions including the following: "Is the shape of the component redundant?", "Is the dimensional accuracy overly high?", and "Does the equipment allow for easy maintenance?" Based on these checks, we make improvements that lead to cost reduction as well as efficiency improvement and propose the said improvements to clients. At the same time, we assist clients in accumulating design as well as development know-how and improving their technology.

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