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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:19

Nanba Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.

Expert in precision sheet metal, welding, and assembly

Welding using fiber laser welding machine with an output of 6kW is available. We have strengths in manufacturing small/medium-sized precision sheet metal and cans. Welding, assembling, and painting of a metal product with more than 100 parts are done in house in an integrated manner. 

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Next generation fiber laser welding
High-output fiber laser welding of 6 kW is a next-generation technique for laser welding surpassing all previous welding technologies in every sense, such as welding quality, speed, and cost. 

Features of fiber laser welding
High-quality welding
- Continuous irradiation with continuous wave operation (CW) produces smooth welding beads.
- Butt welds can be made without cavities and resistant to water leakage.
- Through welds of up to 9 mm can be made. 
- Produces high laser convergence density and thin beams, resulting in reduced numbers of strains.
- Image analysis with CCD camera achieves beam orbits with high precision.
- Enables deeply-penetrated (keyhole) welding.

Fast welding
- Fast welding with continuous wave operation; a welding speed 2 to 10 times that of YAG/TIG
- Fast welding with 6 kW high-luminance beams.
- Automatic and remote operation with 6-axis multijoint robot and multiaxis pallets manages round, long, and various other kinds of materials, along with objects of complex shapes.

Lower running cost
- Reduced electricity charges

Machining of hard-to-weld materials
- This technique can weld copper and aluminum materials, which are high in reflectivity.
- Penetration beads can be made in a single layer in pipe welding.
- Thin sheets and microscopic parts can be welded.

Promising applications
- Pressure vessels and airtight vessels in various plants
- Medical treatment industry
- Food industry
- Scientific industry
Super express prototyping
Solid teamwork that achieves a short lead time
We do all the following on our own in continuous production: design, material procurement, shearing, laser machining, bending, welding, welding and assembly, and coating. In each of these processes, we have accumulated expertise and long years of technical know-how. By interlinking these processes seamlessly on the premises and manufacturing our products with the next process in perspective, we control and reduce lead times thoroughly. 

Moreover, by engaging in all these processes on our own premises, we can cope flexibly with short-notice specification changes, shape changes, and other abrupt orders.

Prototyping including process proposition
By applying our previous experiences and technical know-how, we make proposals upon request on quality improvement, lead time reduction, cost cutting, and other process changes, specification changes, and other modifications in view of various aspects. 

Not only prototyping, we are also committed to reliable, secure manufacturing in view of mass-producibility, assemblability, durability, and other aspects as well.

Not only on manufacturing according to your drawings, we can also make various proposals to suit your requirements. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

- Coping with short lead times by using latest equipment
With our complex machinery for material feed, laser machining, and turret punch pressing, all of which run unattended around the clock, along with other complex machinery that collect machined products, we cope with short lead time and make cost cuts.

We have also introduced a servo bender, which makes high-precision bends, along with a modular tooling system, to replace molds with clamps and manage various plate thicknesses and shapes with a single zero-seeking operation. In so doing, we make great cuts in preparation time.

Moreover, we have introduced 6 kw fiber laser welding, which is rarely seen even in Japan. In so doing, we realize not only high-quality welding but unprecedented welding speeds as well, thereby helping you shorten your lead times in development.

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