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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:45

MARUBISHI Denshi Co., Ltd.

We are experts in metal heat treatment.

We are a metal heat-treatment manufacturer having JISQ9100-certified quality control system. Distortion is minimized through laser quenching. We deal with machine tools, industrial, agricultural and construction machines, dies and molds, and automobiles.  We also respond to precision parts and large items that weigh over 10 t. Please contact us for quick delivery of individual items or lot management.

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"Laser hardening" and "Induction hardening"
Laser quenching
 It is a technology that irradiates the surface of steel parts with high energy density laser light, rapidly heats it, and transforms it into a martensite structure through self-cooling by heat conduction to the inside to harden the surface 
 and transforms it into a martensite structure by self-cooling by heat conduction to the inside to harden the surface.

 As the heat can be concentrated locally, there is very little thermal effect on the workpiece, and ultralow distortion quenching is possible.
 Ultrarapid heating and self-cooling can shorten processing times
 Quenching of complex shapes is possible
 Particularly useful for quenching in extremely small areas.

 These are the advantages
Induction hardening
 This is a heat treatment in which the surface is heated and quenched through electromagnetic induction using high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

 Particularly useful for quenching depth of 1.0 mm or more
 Partial quenching of large area is possible
 Quenching to low carbon steel is possible by forced cooling

 These are the advantages

We have laser hardening and induction hardening equipment, and we use them properly based on the processing content.

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