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Creative solutions made using precision and the skill of artisans

Anyone at companies, research institutes, and university laboratories who is considering issues such as “There are images but no drawings,” “I would like to make one product to start with,” and “I want to develop a prototype,” should consult with Otsuka Co., Ltd. We support monozukuri craftsmanship for the things that you want to create.

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Sales Pitch

Introducing business outline and corporate strengths.
[Business summary]
Our main businesses include the design and manufacture of experimental equipment, the development of prototypes, production of jigs, and parts processing (we can handle orders for single pieces or more). We actively support requests for trial manufacturing, and consultations on design and development. Even without detailed drawings, we can make products from sketches. We receive requests from research institutes and universities and have an extensive track record in joint research. We manufacture numerous products such as research equipment, jigs, accelerator-related parts, vacuum devices, vacuum flanges, and precision metal processing.
Our four strengths
(1) Support for small lots
We can manufacture single items or more. We are actively working on trial manufacturing and development of research equipment. We also assist with requests including additional processing and modification of existing equipment.
(2) Support for precision processing of difficult-to-machine materials
In addition to materials often used in experimental equipment such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper and resin, you can rely on us for the processing of difficult-to-machine materials such as molybdenum and titanium.
(3) Design expertise for experimental equipment
We have an extensive track record of joint research with research institutes and universities and have design expertise that we have accumulated over many years. Even without detailed drawings, we can make products from sketches. Please feel free to consult with us if you want to make this sort of machine or its parts.
(4) Batch manufacturing in-house
We have our own processing equipment in-house, and offer everything from design and development to manufacturing. In cases where customers require processing and technology that we cannot handle by ourselves, we make the most of our large network of partner companies to make the products.
[In-house equipment]
Machining centers
NC milling machines
Combined NC lathes
General-purpose milling machines
Tool polishers
High-speed cutting machines
TIG welders
Measuring instruments