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MIRAI-LABO CO.,Ltd. Contributes to the MaaS society through lithium batteries.

MIRAI-LABO Develops natural environment-friendly products in which solar panels and lithium batteries used in electric vehicles are re-used. We are contributing to the growth of MaaS through the world's first lithium ion power-supply units that can continue to supply electricity and the development of roads where solar panels are installed.    

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Rechargeable special LED floodlight (X-teraso)
Rechargeable special LED floodlight (X-teraso)
X-teraso is extremely light and only weighs about five kilograms. It can be used not only in times of disaster but also for work in high places, etc. You can light up only the places you want to light up as its flexible arms are bent freely. It is battery-powered and doesn’t need a power generator. X-teraso can be used in indoor environments as it doesn’t emit exhaust  or generate noise. With spare batteries, it can be continuously used for any type of natural disaster. The batteries are designed with safety in mind. Touching them will not lead to electric shock. X-teraso can be used in the rain as it is water-resistant and dust-resistant meeting IP56 requirements. It is usable even during a flood disaster such as in case of torrential rains. Dirt can also be rinsed off.

Use application of X-teraso
・For rescue operation in the event of a disaster
・For evacuation centers in the event of a disaster (indoor)
・For evacuation centers in the event of a disaster (outdoor)
・For emergency medical facilities in the event of a disaster
・Construction sites at night 
Refill Battery Generator(G-CROSS)
This is a cartridge battery power supply unit capable of uninterrupted switchover. By continuing to replace the four batteries, you can keep using them limitlessly.

The entire product is drip-proof. You can therefore use it reliably outdoors when ir is raining or flooded. As it is of the accumulator type, the product does not produce a noise like that of a generator. Nor does it emit exhaust gas. It can also serve as an emergency power supply for disaster refuge centers.

Although it is an accumulator type, the product can produce an output of up to 3,000 W, comparable to that of a gasoline power generator. For continuous output, too, the product achieves power enough to maintain it at 1,500 W.

Equipment with high power consumption has so far depended on gasoline-based power generators without being able to be powered by a conventional accumulator. However, that method affects the surroundings with noise, exhaust gas, or otherwise, resulting in cases where there are concerns over the use of such a product or cases where it cannot be used at all. G-Cross achieves a continuous output of 1.5 kW, which allows you to use equipment and machinery with high power consumption without having to use a gasoline-based power generator. Another feature is that although it is an accumulator type, the entire device is drip-proof, which allows you to use it reliably when rainy or flooded outdoors.

Rechargeable Special LED Light(TRACE-2000A)
One TRACE 2000A lights can take the place of several lights that are used when searching for foot prints and finger prints. TRACE 2000A can be set on a tripod and used as a floodlight.
Various mode setting is possible from high power to ultra-energy-saving modes.

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