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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:32

asia netsushori giken co., ltd.

We extensively contribute to social safety and security through metal heat treatment

We are metal heat-treatment manufacturers. Our combined gas nitrocarburizing and homogenization process is certified as Gunma Prefecture’s “one company, one technique.”  We are able to meet our customers’ demands from mass production to low-volume high-mix production using high-precision, high-quality heat-treatment technology.

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By diffusing and permeating appropriate carbon and nitrogen into the steel surface, the surface is hardened and creates a wear-resistant surface and a tough interior.
Gas soft nitriding
Surface hardening with excellent wear and corrosion resistance can be achieved by penetrating nitrogen into the surface of steel to form a layer of iron and nitrogen compound.
(The processing temperature for this technique is lower than that in carburizing, meaning deformation can be minimized.)
Combined treatment of gas soft nitriding + homogenization
In addition to improving fatigue and wear resistance through gas soft nitriding treatment, we also offer a combined treatment that mixes gas soft nitriding and homogenization.
This provides an improved corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.
We have a gas nitrocarburizing furnace and a homogenization furnace that we can use to conduct batch production. 

Improved wear resistance (an effect of the high hardness and low friction coefficient of the compound layer) 
Improvement of fatigue strength (residual compressive stress, crystal dislocation, and crystal slip fractures) 
Improvement of corrosion resistance (owing to the nitrided compound layer) 
Improved heat resistance (modified high temperature softening)
Business content
Gas soft-nitriding
Combined treatment using gas soft-nitriding and homogenization
High frequency
Vacuum processing
Low temperature bright annealing
Subzero treatment
 Postprocessing (shot blasting and bending correction)

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