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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:30

FIT corporation.

Making the world convenient and fun

Based on optical technology, we provide a range of products from core components to finished goods, including useful products in daily life. Our product lineup is wide and covers everything from lenses to care products and energy products.

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In-house products that are unique and fit your lifestyle
Trial mass production/Special lens
In our design department, we handle not only custom and original product development but also consultant work based on original and custom products of domestic and overseas industry manufacturers.
Our processing department already supplies metal and lens processing to a wide range of customers and is building an integrated system that handles everything from trial manufacturing to mass production.
However, most of the mass production is now going overseas.
Unless overseas labor costs rise and the balance with domestic costs is established, mass production in Japan will continue to decline.
However, orders from overseas for trial manufacturing, NR (Newton Ring) test plates, and hemisphere processing continue to increase, and we are continuously working to establish an environment that is specialized in these types of special processing.
Of course, we will continue to provide processing services such as articularly urgent processing items, partial processing, and additional processing; therefore, please feel free to contact us.
Ray tracing for special lenses is not possible with commercially available software; therefore, we provide a service integrated with the design by fit optical design.
Smart surveillance system
Combining technologies like sensors and cameras allows us to create next-generation life support systems that can be used to watch over elderly people, and monitoring systems for fire prevention.

One of the characteristics of our systems is that they can be configured according to the lifestyle of each user. 
Our systems offer flexible support for a variety of sensors to help people live safe lives, which was not possible with conventional products that allow only uniform configurations.
Utilization of pellets
We specialize in pellets because our company is based in Nagano Prefecture, where there are abundant forests.

A Solutions (Ah so!) was formed by a collaboration among four companies and offers pellets as a potential solution to social issues. 

We have developed a complete lineup of stoves that use pellets that it can be used in various home environments.

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