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Latest update: 14/12/2022 11:09:48

FA Products Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Packages to help build smart factories
[Applicable scenes and uses]
Introduction of various packages for visualization systems, production simulation systems, predictive maintenance systems, IoT introduction, robot systems, and other systems in the manufacturing line

Packaged, our products can be small-started and launched in segments, beginning with prioritized themes.

[Features of our company]
Based on our experiences with numerous smart factory projects, we supply our products as packaged to make them easy to introduce and use from the viewpoint of the production shop floor.
Operational monitoring packages
Our operational monitoring systems have been designed with thorough consideration given for the benefit of manufacturing personnel. They are equipped standard with the functions of Excel-assisted automatic forms, production progress monitoring, and loss analysis. With your existing equipment retained as it is, our systems integrate hardware and software that you can easily and freely modify and add on to, thereby enabling the small-starting of smart factories.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our strength is the equipment knowledge we have gained in equipment engineering and equipment sales. We can propose IoT systems based on this knowledge, which enables us to make proposals by considering on-site situations that IT vendors hardly get to know. The first step toward a smart factory is a small start. Our company manufactures products assumed for phased expansion from the small start phase. These products promote your IoT and make your factory smart.

[Business description]
Our company promotes smart factories by making use of the IoT. We mainly handle factory visualizing packages, product simulation systems, and predictive maintenance systems. We support the implementation of IoT systems and robot systems with these products.


[Representative's message]
Japan became globally renowned as a manufacturing power for the Made in Japan brand, but popular professions are now financing, trading, and IT. The popularity of manufacturing is declining. Manufacturing still accounts for 30% of Japan's GDP even under such circumstances. We want to raise the value of work in the manufacturing industry to make manufacturing into the most popular profession. Achieving this wish requires making Monozukuri craftsmanship "smart." Our vision is to create smart factories that can produce investment effects even when product lifecycles becomes short. Feel free to consult us about smart factories.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are strengthening partnerships as well as Web channels to promote sales of our factory visualizing package and other products intended for SMEs. We handle merchandise for photovoltaic power plants from solar panels to fences. We provide optimal products capable of satisfying customer requests. We will expand our businesses in merchandise and other areas, including renewable energy and energy management.

[Awards and media coverage]
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