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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:38

Yamamotofarm Co., Ltd.

Utilizing local resources and konjac sponges for face and body washing (100% natural and made in Japan)

Utilizing local resources, we manufacture and sell 100% natural made-in-Japan konjac sponges for face and body washing. Being particular about the material, we use the same material and manufacturing method as edible konjac, and they are suitable for sensitive skin and babies. 

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Sales Pitch

"Japanese power" Konjac Sponge
It's so gentle and comfortable
A sponge that is saturated with water has a water film on its surface.
It acts as a barrier to the skin and does not directly touch the fibers and get scratched.

* It is a function of the strength of water-retaining capacity of konjac components. Safe for sensitive skin and babies.
Clears pores and downy hair without soap
The water film is weakly alkaline.
It also removes stains and neutralization of weakly acidic redness and pores, and also rinses down hair.
We guarantee a clean wash without the use of soap.

* Konjac is said to be an alkaline foodstuff. It is characterized by a strong detergent effect that synergizes with massage.
Smooth skin with the power of plants
The raw material, konjac, is produced in Gunma prefecture, and our products are manufactured entirely domestically in our dedicated factory.
Uses the help of plants to keep the skin clean and healthy.

Our products have had more than 4.5 million regular uses over the 27 years since our company was established. Please use our products rest assured.

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