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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:15

Amusu Co., Ltd.

We are a company which has lofty aspirations with very select and elite staff members.
We manufacture various parts from high-precision parts of complex shapes to parts made of difficult-to-cut materials.

We carry out thorough quality control and keep our delivery date as promised. We take full advantage of the benefits of a small-sized company to give a quick response to customer needs and provide suitable suggestions for customers. 
We manufacture precision parts (parts used in in all areas of industry) with less than 32.0 mm in diameter using a CNC automatic lathe. We handle small  lot (trial manufacture) to high  volume production.

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Sales Pitch

Business description, introduction of product and technology summary
Business description and features
We are experienced in machining hard-to-cut materials in mass quantities. They can be machined in small lots by other suppliers, but this is only possible by manufacturers with considerable machining know-how. Even if a supplier managed to do so, this would take much too time for machining, resulting in cost rises, which would be far from your requirements. We perform thorough simulations of machining practices to enable our production within the optimal time frame. We can thus manage with costs that almost meet your demands.

A select few, we are highly responsive and can also reach the maximum production from the start. Based on automotive parts, we have a well-established system for quality control, production control, and other practices. We are thus confident that all this lowers the risk of trouble that may occur after our delivery.
Outline of product/technology
We mainly process auto parts, pneumatic equipment parts, instrument parts, and light electrical parts. We are good at processing precision parts with a diameter from 2.0 to 32.0 mm using a CNC automatic lathe. We own equipment including the Star Micronics’s SR20R, SR20R・G, SR32J, TSUGAMI’s B0205Ⅱ, BS20CⅡ, bench lathe, bench milling machine, surface roughness tester, and measuring microscope.
We hold meetings with each person in charge of the processing method, production control, and quality control based on your drawing. After that, we start manufacturing products with a CNC automatic lathe using the program created by the person in charge. Finished products are inspected using a special jig (or measuring instrument) and delivered to you.
Message from President (Efforts for future development of sales channels, intention to use J-GoodTech, etc.)
Mobility and foresight to promptly respond to the changing times are required nowadays as the speed for innovation in technology is accelerating. Ams has been manufacturing reliable products in a variety of fields including parts for electrical machinery, electronic devices, optical communication devices, and auto-related equipment. We are making efforts to gain information and know-how and striving to improve our technology to respond to any type of need.

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