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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:25

Marucho Plating Co., Ltd.

We support Japan's industry with our plating technology.

We develop plating techniques with iron-molybdenum alloys that have little environmental burden, aluminum material plating techniques for making the next generation of vehicles lightweight, and other techniques.

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With our plating, we develop next generation eco-friendly products.
Examples of research and development
[Light-black nickel plating (a technique that we have developed in-house)]
This technique is for electrolytic plating based on nickel. The material has a light black color, which gives an upmarket feel, with high plating uniformity. It is also corrosion-resistant and complies with the relevant RoHS Directives and similar specifications.

[Plating with iron-molybdenum alloy]
Noting the presence of iron with a low environmental burden, we have tackled the development of wear-resistant film jointly with the Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture. We have then developed a plating film with a maximum hardness of 780 HV and a post-heat-treatment hardness of 1,003 HV.

[Plating on carbon-based composite materials]
CFRP is a composite material of carbon fiber with resin, is lighter in weight but stronger than metal, and is used in automobiles and aircraft. We perform plating on such carbon-based composite materials. We also own technology for plating on carbon and various other composite materials.

[Direct plating process for aluminum]
With the recent trend in automobiles toward reduced weight, demand is on the rise for developing appropriate versions of aluminum. Zincate treatment before plating maintains good adhesiveness. Zincate treatment, however, takes much time and adversely affects plating solutions, resulting in comparatively high costs for treatment. We are therefore tackling the challenge of developing processes that achieve high adhesiveness without zincate treatment.
Commitment to plating quality
[High-precision analysis technology]
From observing materials on which to perform plating and measuring their shapes and analyzing their elements, we learn the condition of the materials, analyze the entire treatment agent to be used for plating, and turn the treatment agent into its best condition.

[Quality assurance by reliable testing]
At a determined frequency, we perform plating in Hull cell testing and bent cathode testing to check the condition of the plating solution. Assuming all possible conditions, we also perform technical tests to prevent problems.

[Advanced standard work]
The basics for the work are the 6 S's. Above all, we devote extra energy to seiri (organization), seiton (keeping in order), and seiketsu (cleanliness). We then train our personnel by passing on techniques, efforts, and concepts and, while observing the requirements for standard work, we make corrective actions and conduct even more advanced standard work.

[Strict quality inspection]
We subject our products to thorough appearance checks, ranging from visual checking to electron microscopy. Depending on customer needs, we may measure the thicknesses of all the films, as well as perform corrosion resistance testing, advanced testing, and any other quality inspections.
Becoming a producer of next generation automobiles
The Next Generation Vehicle Promotion Center was established in April 2018 to support companies striving to address major changes stemming from the recently accelerating trend toward electrical vehicles in the automotive industry. 

As a corporate member of the center, we strive to tackle the challenge of achieving high strength, lightweight, and low cost with the plating techniques that we have been cultivating.

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