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We enlarge the surface of aluminum foil and generate film on it to help enhance the functionality of structural materials of devices.

We are an R&D company that performs surface enlargement on aluminum foil through etching, and generates film on this foil through anodic oxidation, vapor deposition, and other operations. This is how we manufacture electrode foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. We believe that the functions of these characteristic surface structures can be used to help enhance the adhesive performance of composite materials, catalyst capacity, affinity, electrical conductivity, heat radiation performance, weight reduction, service life, and other parameters. Here we offer an overview of our proposal.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of our business areas, main products, technologies, etc.
Business areas
We manufacture electrode foil and vapor-deposited foil for capacitors
Main products
Low-voltage anodic foil, mid- to high-voltage anodic foil, anodic foil for strobe lamp flashes, cathodic foil, etc.
Use proposal
Using characteristic surface structures
- Enlarging surface magnification
- Increasing wettability
- Improving heat radiation
- Increasing adhesion 
- Size reduction
- Catalyst support

Controlling shapes with uses
- Producing a variety of fine shapes
- Imparting functionality to surfaces
- Controlling rough structures

Making aluminum bases useful
- Making them cheaper
- Weight reduction
- Increasing electrical conductivity
- Improving moldability
- Increasing corrosion resistance

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