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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:20

Nisshin Seiki Co., Ltd.

We offer integrated production covering up to surface treatment (plating and painting) by in-house zinc die casting.

We manufacture die-casting molds and can flexibly meet demands for zinc and aluminum die casting, insert resin molding, and other items. We offer integrated production covering up to surface treatment (plating and painting). 
- Exceptionally quick response to orders for molds.
- Enhanced mold maintenance services based on manufacturing information
- Infusing our manufacturing expertise into molds
Since our mold department is directly connected to the manufacturing department, we have an environment where feedbacks on problems can be quickly provided. We have made remarkable achievements by taking advantage of past improvements and working on designs of higher quality and longer life molds. Taking into account the fact that die-cast products are external parts, we improve countermeasures by applying surface treatment to inserts and dies as necessity arises. We will propose VA and VE including best product shapes and risk avoidance so that we can meet our customers’ requirements.

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Our features, products and processing techniques
Our features
- Our service is available from small lot orders
-- “We want to integrate two parts into a single part in order to streamline the assembly process.”
-- “We want to eliminate processing such as flatness, squareness, and hole diameter." 
-- “We want to eliminate processing such as flatness, squareness, and hole diameter.” 
Please call us if you have issues mentioned above. We have a number of achievements at the design stage. 
- Quick delivery of mass-produced products
-- “We want to reduce lead time.” 
-- “We want to reduce costs even with a short delivery time.” 
-- “We are looking for a casting maker who can deliver products in a short time.” 
If the number of lots to be shipped is already determined, we can basically accommodate a short delivery time. We have successfully satisfied the demands of such customers who confirmed their order three days before or who placed an order just one week before without any prior notice. In irregular cases, we can ship products on the same day as order placement. 
- Many advantages of in-house mold production
-- Extraordinarily speedy mold production 
-- Enhanced mold maintenance based on manufacturing information
-- Manufacturing know-how condensed into molds
We provide knowledge about customers’ problems and defects at the time of mold making so that costs will be reduced and yields will be improved. Please contact us if you have a trouble with your product. 
- Our high-precision dimension assurance is perfect.
-- “We want to reduce dimensional variation.” 
-- “We want to stabilize quality at a high level.” 
-- “We are looking for a casting maker who can meet demanding requests.” 
At the time of mold making, we provide customers with problem solutions and designs that do not affect external appearance so that costs will be reduced and yields will be improved. Please contact us if you have a trouble with your product.
Our products
- Camera parts
We manufacture internal and external parts for single-lens reflex cameras, surveillance cameras, and compact digital cameras.
 We manufacture high-precision mechanical internal parts and semi-appearance parts of interchangeable lenses for single-lens reflex cameras. 
- Parts of precision measuring devices and sensors
We manufacture products that require high-precision dimensions. Our products meet strict appearance requirements as well. 
- Medical equipment parts
- Mechanism parts
We manufacture products of strict dimension requirements. Mechanism parts are mainly shaped products including gears. Filling and shape molding of those products are complicated in many cases. 
- Auto parts
- Parts of connectors, assemblies, etc.
After processing, we assemble those parts with attached components.
Samples of our products and mold technique
- Rotating molds (without processing)
We use molds to manufacture screw-shaped parts used inside products. Molding can reduce processing costs. 
- Under shape molding
Some of undercut shapes in the withdrawal direction of molds can be formed by molding regardless of unevenness. Please feel free to consult us even at the design stage regarding embosses and holes that are indispensable as functionality. 
- Integration of two parts
We will reduce the number of parts through successor model review and design stage examination and will provide solutions for total cost reduction concerns. 
- Thin-wall products
Thin-wall products have been on our catalog as if they are regular items for many years. They are also an evidence of our technical capabilities. 
- Insert molding
Processed SUS shafts are inserted and molded during casting. Some inserts will have a black plating surface treatment after molding. 
- Mold surface finish
We also carry out surface treatment of inserts. A different surface treatment has been applied to the blackish purple portion in the center and its surroundings. Two types of surface treatment are separately used for a single insert. We try to keep ingenuity and working hard in order to provide solutions to customers’ manufacturing issues and requirements. Surface treatment is also applied to insert pins for molds to prevent scratches and burrs. 
- Fine products
We have been making a great number of small products for years.  
- Special trays
We custom-make special trays in accordance with the shape of product, if necessary. We prevent the occurrence of defects by using special trays instead of general-purpose trays for products that are likely to be damaged during transportation. 
- Inspection jigs
We prepare inspection jigs in-house to ensure quality of some products. We produce inspection jigs in-house that fit to the shape of product. We are trying to reduce inspection man-hours by matching inspection jigs to various product shapes. 
- Design changes
Because we make our own molds, we can respond smoothly to changes in design and apply feedback information from manufacturing to processing.

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