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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:20

Okabe Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We provide integral services covering design, manufacture and assembly of enclosures. We also make precision sheet metal processed parts.

Since its establishment, we have been providing enclosures and precision sheet metal parts to leading Japanese manufacturers. Our strongest production area is enclosures and other welded assemblies that require high precision. We supply such products to manufacturers all over Japan. As we have acquired ISO 9001, UL 291 and CEN 1143 certificates, we manufacture products and provide them to our customers under strict quality control system. 
Making full use of know-how and technical expertise obtained while engaged in manufacturing from the design and development stages, we make and suggest designs specific to customers’ requirements in order to improve their competitiveness and enhance additive values.

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Why are we chosen? -- Our technology and production system
Our services cover extensive areas from enclosure design/manufacturing to precision sheet metal machining.
As a precision sheet metal production maker, we manufacture blank products using multifunction laser machines. We also make single precision sheet metal products such as brackets and covers that require bending and welding work. In addition, we have an extraordinary track record in the design and manufacture of metal-sheet enclosures combining precision sheet metal machining products, ATM enclosures that are also known as metal enclosures, and large metal enclosures. 
Since its inception in 1931, we have manufactured a number of precision sheet metal products and enclosures. Please contact us if you have any needs for enclosure manufacturing as we have high technical capabilities and abundant track records in design and manufacture of enclosure.
Our company internally performs an integrated production of enclosures from the development and design stages to the manufacturing and assembly.
We manufacture products that always require a certain level of high quality, such as ATM enclosures of highly accurate and complex structures. To fabricate those products, we must have advanced technical capabilities for precision sheet metal machining, including high machining accuracy, assembly accuracy and fiber welding technology for individual parts. To produce such technically difficult enclosures, we have established an integrated system covering from the development and design stages to manufacturing and assembly. Furthermore, we have established a quality control system that enables customers to feel secure. 
Not only in Japan, we also have the same integrated production systems at our factories in Shenzhen and Xian, China. That is why we can globally supply enclosures of the same high quality as in Japan. 
 We do not only machine or assemble enclosure products just in accordance with customers’ drawings. We also make positive VE proposals that will improve the competitiveness of our customers' products (click here for more details of our VE proposal samples). 
Please tell us your concept at the design stage. Our reliable technology and high quality deliver satisfactory precision sheet metal machining products and enclosures.
We have achieved high productivity by introducing the latest equipment such as welding robots and multifunction machines.
We will quickly adopt the latest equipment and return their benefits to our customers. For example, we introduced a fiber laser welding robot in the welding process ahead of other manufacturers in the same industry. We fully utilize the equipment in our sheet metal welding process. Our company have been improving quality and increasing productivity through the implementation of such state-of-the-art machinery at an early stage and accumulating know-how. Meanwhile, we also have built a system that can respond to customer requests. 
 These initiatives were achieved just because of “progressive spirit,” our founding motto. We actively take in new things and utilize them to reach higher levels. Through this cycle, we will pursue improvements in technology, quality and productivity.
Enclosure Design & Manufacturing.COM --- Comprehensive technical site specialized in large-scale sheet metal enclosures
High-precision assembly of more than 400 sheet metal parts
- Even enclosures with many parts can be assembled with high precision.
-- Large plate working sheet metal products such as enclosures with many parts may be misaligned when welding or fastening of parts carried out even if the precision of each sheet metal part is high. Even though each sheet metal part is manufactured within tolerances for instance, interference may occur due to cumulative tolerances when assembled. You will need to make large-scale corrections in such case. 
-- For a large case having more than 400 parts, you must check the assembly accuracy each time you put a part. Welding operation must be performed along with suppressing of distortion. Since distortion is likely to occur due to heat when welding stainless sheet metal and thin sheet metal, temperature control and work procedures are important. We can minimize repair work and reduce useless work by previously considering distortion due to welding heat, changing the order or direction of welding, or applying preset distortion to correct distortion. 
-- Our Enclosure Design & Manufacturing.COM has an excellent track record in the production of large plate working sheet metal products and large precision sheet metal enclosure products requiring high accuracy, such as large cases, large panels, and large covers. Since the number of sheet metal parts ranges from 40 to more than 400, extremely high assembly accuracy and welding technology are required. The Enclosure Design & Manufacturing.COM is a reliable provider of large-sized plate working sheet metal products with a large number of parts requiring high precision.
Distortion-free sheet-metal working and welding with fiber laser
-- Our Enclosure Design & Manufacturing.COM specializes in the design and manufacture of large, high-precision plate working sheet metal products. Our factory in Japan has introduced the latest fiber laser robot welding machines and an excellent track record in thin sheet metal welding. Accuracy of thin sheet metal welding often varies due to the skills of workers. However, our welding robots can carry out the welding work without accuracy variation and achieve high productivity. This enables high-precision welding of mass-produced sheet metals. 
-- Since fiber laser welding has a deeper penetration into the weld bead width than TIG and other welding, it enables high quality welding with little burn and distortion in a short heat input time. Fiber laser welding is markedly quicker than TIG and YAG laser welding because the former can radiate highly bright and high power beams with a small focusing size. As a result, man-hours for welding work can be significantly reduced. 
-- In addition, fiber laser welding is possible for highly reflective and difficult-to-cut materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper and titanium. 
The Enclosure Design & Manufacturing.COM provides customers with high precision sheet metal processing with no distortion, using fiber laser welding robots in a highly productive system.
Around-the-clock production system with the most up-to-date multifunction machines
-- To maximize productivity, the Enclosure Design & Manufacturing.COM has introduced the newest multifunction machines capable of both laser processing and turret punch processing. Making full use of the machine, the Enclosure Design & Manufacturing.COM has automated the production line and established a 24-hour processing system. 
-- The automated production line and 24-hour processing system flexibly enable the mass production of sheet metal products and precision sheet metal products, as well as processing of medium to large lots. 
-- In particular, efficient blank layout will reduce material and processing costs of large-sized plate working sheet metal products and precision sheet metal products. Our Enclosure Design & Manufacturing.COM produces highly accurate, high-precision and large-size sheet metal products using other state-of-the-art equipment along with the multifunction machines.

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