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Commissioned manufacturing, design, and development of precision equipment 

We are a manufacturer engaging in the commissioned manufacturing, design, development, and OEM manufacturing of medical as well as precision equipment and in the production as well as sale of dressing devices, which employ a super abrasive grain grinding wheel, for highly precise and efficient grinding. We were involved in the finishing of the mirror panels of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in the Republic of Chile, South America.  

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Sales Pitch

Features of the product
(1) Since it is made of SUS630, a highly strong material, and since its shaft is not hollow, it is highly resistant to twists during operation and easily penetrates into rotator cuff.
(2) This surgical instrument is highly beneficial to hospitals, in which surgical operations are frequently performed, in terms of costs. 
Reliable operation
Even when the anchor thread is thick, the monofilament thread slides smoothly, enabling reliable relays.
Easy relays
Since the shaft is not hollow, the product easily raises and penetrates into rotator cuff. In this method, pull the relay thread out of the joint, enter another nylon relay thread into the loop made of the relay thread, feed the nylon relay thread into the joint, and then perform a suture relay by using the relay thread. 
Selling method
We recommend that a dealer with whom your hospital does business place an order for the product. An alternative is to contact us via email or on the phone.
Our original products
Precision equipment
Vertical rotary dresser: V125P
CF dresser: CF150
Vertical rotary dresser: V70E
Small-sized vertical rotary dresser: V41
GC ring grindstone for rotary dressers
WA ring grindstone for rotary dressers
Medical equipment
Arm controller
Mayo pallet
Water absorption mat
Parts that we have processed on a commission basis
Processing for the heavy industry
Processing of parts of large-sized diesel engines for ships (crosshead pins and piston rods)
Processing, repair, and assembly of large-sized parts for transportation equipment
Processing, repair, and assembly of large-sized parts for plants
Deep hole drilling in large- or long-sized parts
Deep hole drilling in non-transferable plant parts on-site
Precision processing
Small-sized parts of machine tools
Processing of various metal molds
Ultraprecise components for communication equipment
Medical equipment
Commissioned manufacturing of medical equipment
Design, development, and OEM of medical equipment


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