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Latest update: 06/06/2022 13:41:36

SOBU Machinery Co., Ltd

Manufacturer designing and producing printing machines and paper as well as plastic processing machines 

We design, produce, and sell gravure as well as flexo printing machines, paper as well as plastic processing machines, and related equipment. Since we produce and test such machines in our factory in Japan, we are able to develop and deliver high-quality products at low cost in a short period.  

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Strength of SOBU Machinery Co., Ltd.
As a manufacturer specializing in printing machines and paper processing machines 
SOBU Machinery Co., Ltd. provides gravure printing machines used for producing food package film as well as packages for daily necessities or the like and various machines including coating machines and laminators. We would like to be a creative company which elevates "technology desired by clients" to "usable technology" to contribute to the reduction of redundant work and cost in production processes.
<Integrated production system for achieving unique specifications>
We perform processes ranging from design to processing and assembly in an integrated fashion in our company. We pursue thorough rationalization and clients' cost benefit. We flexibly meet printing needs that have become sophisticated and diversified.
<Quality assurance system that matches product characteristics>    
To provide clients with a sense of security and reliability, we strive to maintain and improve product quality. Prior to delivery, we strictly inspect products under a reliable testing system, and after delivery, we improve problems of each individual product in ways that are suitable for the product. As these examples demonstrate, we provide follow-up service, giving the highest priority to client satisfaction.                                                                                  <Product development friendly to the natural environment> 
We pay attention to the environment in all processes from design to production. For example, we develop products that are less burdensome to the environment, effectively utilize various parts, and reduce waste parts.
<Sales staff with abundant technical knowledge>
Our sales staff has abundant technical knowledge including specifications of each product. The staff provides answers for questions and discussions related to products, presents quotations and schedules, and proposes the optimum plan.
Providing "marketable" packages at more reasonable prices
In order to develop "functional" and "marketable" technology, we believe that users' point of view is the most important. SOBU Machinery Co., Ltd. investigates "now, what is required in the market?" and cooperates with clients to create an environment for the required things.
<Efforts of SOBU Machinery Co., Ltd. for machines>
Equipment that considers operability (numerical display, scale for adjustment, operational control software, etc.)
Equipment that considers the reduction of preparation time (workability for replacement or adjustment, measures for cleaning, dirt prevention, and so on)
Equipment that considers maintenance and safety (part replacement, covers, area sensors, etc.)



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