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Latest update: 27/07/2017 23:46:03

ThroughTek Co., Ltd物聯智慧股份有限公司

Pioneering M2M Solutions

Kalay  plateform provides the best possible management of devices and services to enhance clients' relationship with customers and ultimately to help increase revenues. Kalay Platform currently offers a variety of modular features, such as video streaming, recording solution, device and account management, data collection and analytics, to help businesses create opportunities with intelligent solutions.


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"Kalay" is an extremely flexible and scalable IoT platform designed to enable retailers, service providers, user electronics OEMs, and system integrators to quickly and easily deploy their own connected device ecosystems. The Kalay Platform consists of Kalay Connect, Kalay Cloud and Kalay Apps, to address time-to-market and mass deployment challenges, simplifying and accelerating chipset enablement and application development for IoT.
The Kalay Platform is an end-to-end IoT solution and software service, enabling solution providers and device manufacturers to easily create their own IoT ecosystems. With an extensive partnership with OEM/ODM, technology brands, and integration support from a growing variety of SOCs, the Kalay Platform provides rapid deployment for a variety of devices. Complemented by exceptional modular features including video transmission, cloud recording, automation and data analytics, Kalay seamlessly integrates IoT managed services for products, including IP camera, appliance, consumer electronics, wearables, storage device (NAS), and set top box systems.
Kalay plateform has been verified on more chipsets than any other competing platform. Kalay's unique hardware ecosystem provides the flexibility to enter the market at the price point, time, and with the functionality to give  product an advantage. This experience means ThroughTek can advise and simplify the process of connecting new SOCs faster, and more sophisticated and better defined APIs and SDKs are available for clients and developers to realize the potential of their connected device platforms.
As the number of connected devices grow, the more intelligent they will become. Devices will be able to communicate with users and between devices to generate intelligence and valuable insights. With the Kalay Platform, businesses can integrate different types of services tailored to improve customer experience, while maximizing business opportunities with IoT. Especially for territories such as Home Automaiton, Surveillance, Personal Storage, Health Case and Smart Building.

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