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Latest update: 27/07/2017 21:06:37


New design patent-IPIS (Interchangeable Plunger Injection System), adapts
to different requirements of injection performance by changing injection
unites to make micro injection easier, more precise and reach full-function.
The simplest design of 2-platen 4-cylinger direct clamping system that has
high accuracy, self-adaptation, no need to adjust mold, the most accurate
low pressure, large mold opening stroke, non-polluting and long machine
life. Atom series adapts with servo motor electric hybrid system for energysaving
and more environmental. The whole series machines have three
years guarantee and would surly be the best partner of your injection career.Edex's new series "VTOP Precise Vertical Plunger Type Injection Molding
Machine" designed with precision and micro injection concept. With 4-cylinder
direct clamping system, perfect plasticization with active bypass auxiliary
plasticization system, precise plunger injection mechanism and machineelectricity
unite, it can produce 0.0001 gram highly precise products stably.
Both of Energy-saving servo motor system and high-mechanics clamping
unit with firm machine structure can go with 3-in-1 modular slide table design
to meet the best uses. Other features such as 15” full-color touch panel,
air cooling system, the max mold daylight in the world, all the features had
made VTOP series as one of the high-ranking vertical micro injection molding
machines in the world.


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Atom100-SP20 precision plunger type micro injection molding machineVTOP Precise Vertical Plunger
Type Injection Molding Machine塑膠射出成型機

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