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Latest update: 28/01/2020 10:49:15

Kiyonoya corp.

We are a confectionery planning, developing, and wholesaling company rooted in Niigata that emphasizes tradition and innovation

We collaborate with local confectionery manufacturers and processed food manufacturers in Niigata based on the concept of rediscovering Niigata's appeal. We develop new local confectioneries with arrangements of traditional local confectioneries, and develop entirely new Niigata confectioneries with Niigata food ingredients cleverly included in them. We have progressed through joint development and other operations involving a distributor, a confectionery manufacturer, and a raw material manufacturer. A representative example of this is our original Seigaen brand series of products.

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Our original Seigaen brand was developed and born as a new kind of Niigata confectionery. This was done by adding Niigata ingredients and other materials to an old local confectionery from Niigata and arranging it with a modern touch. It resulted from collaboration between our company and a local confectionery manufacturer.
[The heart of rice: Baked rice cakes]
We faithfully follow the traditional Niigata home-preparation process using only Niigata "wataboshi" sticky rice. We steam sticky rice in a steaming basket and carefully grill the rice cakes, which are delicious even unbaked. We flavor them with salt produced with deep ocean water from Sado Island, Niigata, to produce okaki rice crackers, which results in an exquisite taste with the flavor of rice.
[The heart of rice: Ajiro Yaki]
These fish-shaped sembei rice crackers are pieces of Koshihikari rice produced in Iwafune, Niigata, and finished with organic soy sauce and refined sake to produce their fragrance.
[The heart of rice: Monaka bean-jam wafers]
This anko confectionery containing red bean paste is made of sticky rice flour produced in Niigata with about 60% in the coating and 100% in the rice cake.
Planning and development of confectioneries
We plan, develop, and sell the Seigaen products mentioned here, and other products mainly together with Niigata manufacturers. We innovate old Niigata confectioneries with various current food ingredients and techniques, working to spread them to even more consumers.