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Latest update: 15/01/2021 15:16:52

Yamada Seiko Co., Ltd.

We offer ultra-precision electronic part and plastic syringe needle development.

We are a plastic part manufacturing factory that uses injection molding. We specialize in manufacturing ultra-precision small plastic products, and focus on exploring technologies and flexible support for customers. We develop medical equipment parts by making use of the ultra-fine molding know-how we have developed through electronic part manufacturing.

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Develoment of super-precision electronics parts and plastic syringes
Technology development for medical equipment including mainly plastic syringe needles: We develop products such as four-microneedle array patches and 24-gauge insulin syringe needles in our own cleanrooms. We possess injection molding techniques to produce hollow needles with outer diameters of 90 µm and inner diameters of 60 µm.
Ultra-small precision electronic parts that satisfy requirements for micron-level dimensional accuracy: We manufacture and sell plastic electronic parts including mainly camera parts for smartphones and optical pickup parts for DVD and Blu-ray. We have accumulated product development know-how using super-engineering plastics such as LCPs and PEEKs.


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We specialize in manufacturing ultra-precision small parts such as camera module parts for smartphones, optical pickup parts for DVD and Blu-ray players, and motor bobbins. We have built up know-how regarding super-engineering plastic materials including mainly LCPs such as Sumikasuper, Xydar, and Laperos.