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Seric Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

For color assessment, for reproducing outdoor environments, for solar energy studies. In response to your requirements ranging from small to large sources of solar light, we can provide any number of solar light sources. We can even provide a single unit.
Our artificial solar lamp Solax is the world's first illumination lamp designed to emit the same kind of light as natural sunshine. The light from this artificial solar illumination lamp Solax has a waveform range of 300 to 2,500 nm, while achieving a color temperature of 5,500 K with a color rendering index of 98. 
The artificial solar illumination lamp Solax comes in models from which you can select according to your uses. 

It comes in three types: (1) near-visible-light type, which expresses accurate colors with the same visible light as sunshine, (2) near-long-spectrum type, which performs outdoor assessment and outdoor reproduction experiments with the same energy as sunshine, and (3) near-ultraviolet type, which conducts bionics and pharmaceutical studies with the same ultraviolet radiation as that from sunshine.
For customers who require even higher-performance sunshine, for such applications as reproduction of outdoor environments, assessment of solar batteries, fading tests, accelerated degradation tests, temperature rise tests, and phototoxicity tests, we manufacture AAA-class solar simulators to simple solar light irradiators, in any quantity including only one, on a totally customized manner, to meet your requirements.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our SOLAX artificial sunlight irradiates the same light as natural sunlight. Light with a wavelength range from 300 to 2500 nm has achieved a color temperature of 5,500K and color rendering index of 98. We customize even single products to provide each customer with the best sunlight, from solar simulators in the AAA class for customers requesting high-performance sunlight to simplified sunlight irradiation devices. Our products realize fine weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist with work on cloudy or rainy days and even at night. This is why they have been adopted in a wide range of industrial categories in the 30 years since they went on the market.

[Business description]
We are a specialist manufacturer of sunlight products. We successfully developed the world's first artificial sunlight 30 years ago. Our products have been implemented in various industries to assist with work on cloudy or rainy days and even at night by reproducing sunlight with high fidelity. Our artificial sunlight SOLAX is a lighting instrument, but it has the same characteristics as sunlight that reaches the Earth from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on a fine day. SOLAX is mainly used for color evaluation, health and biotechnology research, solar energy utilization research, and outdoor environment reproduction. We have also developed solar simulators and other products as SOLAX applied models, and they are adopted in a wide range of industrial categories.

Electric machine and instrument manufacturing

[Representative's message]
The sun is an energy source that people all over the world can enjoy equally, but with local differences. The sun is rather too strong in areas close to the equator. Many people there actually think of escaping from the sun rather than enjoying it. Our company is constantly devoted to business in Japan and abroad under the philosophy of provide the necessary sunlight at the necessary timing. We provide customers with sunlight that is more stable than natural sunlight. Our products are used for color management and for outdoor environment reproduction where outdoor sensors and cameras can be evaluated. They are contributing to the promotion of science and technology.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has been manufacturing and selling artificial sunlight mainly in Japan for 30 years since this product went on the market. Last year we started taking full action for overseas expansion to spread the know-how we have cultivated here to areas outside Japan as well. We have already acquired CE markings for our products and made our website multilingual (English and Chinese). We are focusing on building up local sales agencies in Japan and abroad. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Chairman Taiji Sato awarded the Higashi-Kuninomiya International Culture Award for achievements in inventor guidance and training (2009); Chairman Taiji Sato awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon for the achievement of developing artificial sunlight (1996); Chairman Taiji Sato awarded the Science and Technology Agency Director General’s Prize for the achievement of developing artificial sunlight (1992).

FORBES business information magazine, "30 Japanese Companies Leading the World with Technical Power" (August 2000); BS Digital 11, "Japan's Brains" (February 2008).

[Intellectual property]
Xenon Lamp Lighting (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. Hei 05-314801), and so on.

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