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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:24:08

Hokkan Kougyou Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our feature and sales point is our ability to suggest solutions utilizing our technology, experience and know-how as a specialist in FRP. More specifically, we select the FRP material and molding method whose characteristics match the purpose of use, and mold and manufacture products by using equipment and machinery such as CAD-CAM systems. In addition to manufacturing FRP products, we use a consistent production system, from design to development, molding, production, and construction, and meet customers’ expectations with the highest quality and prompt delivery.

[Business description]
Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a composite of a reinforced material (fiber) and a matrix (resin). The combination determines the weight reduction, high strength, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and designability, which are characteristics of FRP. Since our foundation, we have been fully using the characteristics of FRP, and have been manufacturing products in all fields, such as aircraft parts, medical equipment components, alternative energy-related components, car parts (trains, automobiles, trucks and motorcycles), and household equipment-related components.

Manufacturing (plastics processing)

[Representative's message]
Since our foundation, we have focused exclusively on FRP molding. We have been doing business with companies in many types of businesses and industries. Though our core business will not change in the future, we would like to utilize J-GoodTech to attract inquiries such as “Can you make product X from FRP?”, and to receive various information and suggestions such as “We’d like do joint research on X”, etc. We aim to be selected by customers for all requests regarding FRP. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
In the era of rapid change, we can no longer be a passive partner of customers. Fortunately, there is cooperation among industry, government, academia, etc., and the seeds of the next generation of product development, such as aircraft, alternative energy and plant factories, are emerging. All our employees will work together to develop sales channels with all B-B-C customers as the starting point, regardless of their division, type of work and responsibility, whether in headquarters or plants, whether in the production department, sales department or admin department, and whether engineers, sales staff or admin personnel.

[Awards and media coverage]
We were selected for Saitama Prefecture Venture Companies’ Excellent Product.

ISO 9001

[Intellectual property]
Patent Application
- Production of Japan’s first two-segment surfboard
- FRP rack for photovoltaic power generation panel 

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