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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:23:42

Ogawa Yuki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our in-house developed wall-surface diagnostic robot “Kyuban Senshi Noboru-kun” was developed for diagnosing the wall surfaces of buildings, etc. The sucking and vacuum releasing technology used in “Noboru-kun” was applied to the “Kyuchaku Power Hand” which is used to transfer large articles made of heavy plate glass, nonferrous metal, etc. and to support advertising boards by means of a strong sucking force and smooth holding and releasing functions. We are actively participating in robot exhibitions to advertise our contract development (Digital Mechanics Workshop). We are successfully conducting joint development of a construction robot for major general contractors and joint development of leading-edge robots with a university-oriented venture.

[Business description]
We engage in contract production of robotic equipment, connectors, and devices for facilities. Our in-house developed wall-surface diagnostic robot “Kyuban Senshi Noboru-kun” has been featured on television and in newspapers many times. As a result of participating in robot exhibitions, we are expanding our businesses of contract development of robots and our Digital Mechanics Workshop.

Electrical and electronic parts manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Please contact us if you need trial fabrication. At our Digital Mechanics Workshop we verify mechanical actions by 3D CAD, fabricate a number of parts by machining, etc., and assemble them into a prototype. We can handle various materials including resins and metals. We provide speedy, easily-selected materials, and low-cost “digital trial fabrication,” which helps visual understanding and thus is useful for presentations. To date, we have provided prototypes such as medical equipment, molds, processing devices, small articles such as screws, construction equipment, inspection equipment for transport infrastructure, robotic equipment, and energy-saving apparatus.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are looking for partners in joint projects. We propose joint projects utilizing our technology for working on various wall surfaces at high places and “Kyuban Senshi Noboru-kun” to governmental organizations of municipal governments, research institutes, and enterprises which need to carry out dangerous, high-cost work at high places securely at low cost. We are promoting our “Digital Mechanics Workshop” project for joint development of robots, for example. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Featured on:
NHK General TV: “Sakidori” on 7 December 2014, TV Kanagawa “Hamanavi” on 27 September 2014, NHK E-TV: “Tensai Terebi-kun” on 23 January 2013, and Fuji TV: “Mezamashi TV” on 18 October 2012 
Published in:
Kanagawa Keizai Shimbun on 10 November 2014, Kadokawa “YokohamaWalker” on 31 March 2014, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun on 12 December 2013, DeAGOSTINI “Weekly Robi, No. 41” on 3 December 2013, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun on 8 November 2013, Kanagawa Shimbun on 31 May 2013, Nihon Keizai Shimbun on 24 May 2013, Mechatronics Design News Feb. 2013 on 15 January 2013, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Website “Robonable” on 2 April 2012, Asahi Shimbun on 12 March 2012, Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun on 26 January 2012, Nihon Keizai Shimbun on 19 January 2012, and many others

Certified as “Yokohama Intellectual Property Enterprise” in 2015, 2016 and 2017

[Intellectual property]
“Robot device for diagnosing building surface” (JP 2016-101615), “Travel device for diagnosing vertical surface of building structure” (JP 2016-101615), “Vacuum degree sensor and adsorption equipment using vacuum degree sensor” (JP 5787316 B), and many other patents

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