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GIANTLOK® は結束バンドと配線資材サービスのトップメーカーです。
GIANTLOK®, The Leading Wiring Accessories, Cable Ties & Wiring Management Solution Provider.

GIANTLOK® は耐熱性.耐候性に優れた66ナイロン製の結束バンドを提供します。
耐薬品性、耐紫外線性及び耐候性に優れ、高温下での使用に適している テフゼル結束バンドも提供します。
GIANTLOK® greatest feature is on production of Nylon 66 under extreme and harsh environment.  Our added compound to cable tie can withstand freezing temperate  -60C and up to above boiling temperature over 150C.  GIANTLOK® produce Tefzel cable tie which can stand chemical attack, radiation and extreme temperature.

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Best Cable Ties! Best Wiring Accessory! Best in GIANTLOK®!
Nylon Cable Ties, Extreme Temperature Cable Ties (Weather Resistant, Heat Resistant, High Heat Resistant, Cold Resistant)

Tefel Cable Ties, ideal for applications requiring resistance to environmental stresses such as chemical attach, gamma radiation, ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures.
GIANTLOK® offers vertical service for customers, fast and reliable delivery, dependable after service!
Giantlok devotes to be Asia’s top service brand with full-line readiness, easy shopping, and field expert in wiring accessories supply chain.


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GIANTLOK® is the professional brand of cable ties and wire accessories.
GIANTLOK® provided full lines of cable management products, which can help all related industries improve production efficiency and reduce assembling costs. We provide total solution for not only products, but also our outstanding service.  By means of outstanding design, GIANTLOK® supports customers with high quality cable ties and wiring accessories, which are UL, CE, CSA, GL and ABS accreditation and complied EU RoHS and REACH environmental regulations.  GIANTLOK® is the total solution of fastening system!

Join Giantlok and be our local distributor!


GLK Thailand:
ISO 9001:2015
IATF 16949:2016

GLK China:
ISO 9001:2015
IATF 16949:2016 & ISO 14001:2015

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