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Latest update: 14/02/2020 18:34:37


Effective for 3D quantification, visualization and history management of visual inspections

We can provide robust precision measuring devices, allowing quick quantification while in the field, which was almost impossible previously. The evaluation methods are based on various standards.

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A robust 3D measuring device that is suitable for use in the field. It assists with line automate product inspections.
Contributes to land resilience and enables quantification of short-range viewing.
While the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) requires a close visual inspection once every five years for bridges, tunnels, etc., the conventional visual inspection could not be used to make a data-based judgment on whether maintenance was necessary. By using our 3D measuring device, you can evaluate with detailed data and retain history with image information (3D data). At the site, the device measures an A4 or A5 paper size area from a distance of 20 or 40 cm away in 0.08 seconds, while acquiring coordinate information for up to 300,000 points. The resolution is 0.2 to 0.4 mm in height and width, and 30 to 50 microns in depth. The detailed data allows you to express the thickness of the thinned walls and the deformation of the paint in the color contour diagram. You can also set the grid freely and save the height and depth information within the grid in CSV format.
This enables you to evaluate the remaining life of petroleum and petrochemical production facilities
The device measures the surface corrosion and thinning of pipes and pressure vessels closely and evaluates its serviceability based on  ASME FFS-1/API-579, WES 2820 or other standards.
Serviceability diagnosis on high-strength bolts, such as those on flanges and bridges with corrosion and thinned walls
As the corrosion of high strength bolts progresses, the residual axial force decreases. However, our company can provide a measurement/evaluation system that you can use at the site immediately. Based on 3D measurements, the system calculates with the finite element method and determines whether the bolt should be left in service or not by comparing it with the design axial force.



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