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You can easily carry large and heavy things which were otherwise difficult to carry. 

We are the top share manufacturer of paper bag handles in Japan, producing paper bag handles and tack handles (seal type handles directly attached to cardboard boxes and so on) for various industries including the food, apparel, and retail industries. Furthermore, by utilizing plastic molding technology, we manufacture products such as plastic containers used in large-scale theme parks and sales promotion goods for companies. In addition, we sell "ADLET" which is a sticker advising people to routinely "close the toilet lid and then flush" and which is equipped with deodorant, antibacterial, and antivirus effects.  

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Sales Pitch

Tack handles
[You can easily carry things of various shapes when you put them in a paper bag, cardboard box, or the like to which tack handles are attached!]
Roll- or rod-shaped thins: Maps, drawings, art paper, sheets, rectangular lumber, straight tube fluorescent lamps, etc.
Bags: Dog food, rice, fertilizer, etc. 
Board-shaped things: DIY materials such as plywood and cardboard, sheets, etc. that cannot be curled
{Displaying products to which tack handles are attached]
Since customers can easily pick up the products, this display method can induce  "impulse buying" or "bulk buying." 
Customers can pick up and check products that seem to be hard to carry.
The products do not require packaging, which facilitates payment and does not make customers wait at the checkout counter.
Text can be printed on the seal part, which serves as a point-of-purchase (POP) advertisement.
The products can be displayed longitudinally or horizontally, depending on product types. 

Plastic molding
We produce metal molds for plastic products (containers, novelties, and creative products) and perform molding of such products. Please entrust Matsuura Sangyo Co., Ltd. with injection molding of plastics!
We assist you in commercializing ideas envisioned by you. We are able to perform molding of plastics by using metal molds that our company or clients have already had. 
In addition, we are able to print original designs on plastic molded articles.  
"ADLET" is a sticker for advising people to routinely "close the toilet lid and then flush". It is attached to the back of the toilet lid and equipped with deodorant, antibacterial, and antivirus effects. ADLET uses the effect of lime hydrate to change moisture contained in viruses and bacteria into strong alkali, suppressing their multiplication. 
As more and more organizations and companies adopt ADLET, it has become increasingly used as a PR tool. For example, municipalities, organizations, and companies ask our company to print their logo images or image characters on ADLET. As a part of activities for sustainable development goals (SDGs), ADLET on which a company's name is printed is produced and distributed.


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