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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:16

Iijima toyo Co.,Ltd.

Future expanding from motor cores

We are a manufacturer of iron cores for electrodes built into motors for trains, cars, home appliances and generators. We also make sheet cores for transformers. We provide integrated production services covering from slitting and shearing of magnetic steel sheets to manufacturing of dies used for press working.

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Business lines
We manufacture iron cores for motor electrodes that are found around you. Our products are widely used in railways and automobiles as well as in elevators, home appliances, and large power generation facilities. 
One of our advantageous points is that we can perform everything from material purchase, slitting/shearing processing, press processing and unit processing. In addition, molds are also designed, manufactured and maintained in-house.
Our products
As a specialist in electromagnetic steel sheet processing, our company contributes to the reduction of the load on the global environment by producing domestic and overseas electronics manufacturers “core units for various types of equipment” which efficiently generate, transmit and consume electricity. 

- Electric generation
-- Large capacity nuclear and thermal turbine generators
-- Clean power generators including small hydro, wind, solar and geothermal generators
-- Cogeneration-type medium-capacity generators for disaster response and mobile engine generators
-- Independent-type mobile generators for automobiles, motorcycles, vessels and construction sites
* We primarily use non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheets. In addition, we use grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheets for high-efficiency and high-capacity products.

- Transmission and distribution of electricity
-- Power transformers for voltage transformation, current transformation, measurement and transmission of high voltage power generated in power plants
-- Intermediate-capacity transmission and distribution transformers for voltage transformation, current transformation, measurement and transmission to send medium voltage power to many relay points located between power plants and distant destinations
-- Equipment for buildings and factories to receive incoming electricity
-- Transformers built in home electric appliances
* Grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheets are used except for home appliances.

- Power consumption
-- Power consumption at factories: 
 Various small motors for industrial use including air conditioning equipment, machine tools, robots and carrier machines
-- Motors for elevators, escalators, pumps for air conditioning equipment and water supply and drainage pumps
-- Motors for electric railcars that are indispensable for human movement, on-vehicle small motors for HV and HEV, and motors for HEV buses, trucks and construction machines
-- Energy saving motors built in home electric appliances
* Generally, non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheets are used. Non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheets of higher grades are used especially for high efficiency motors.

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