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Latest update: 30/09/2019 10:55:22

HerzTech Saitama Co., Ltd.

We handle bottles, caps, plastic molds, and packaging machines

Injection blow molding:
We possess an injection blow molding machine capable of molding polyethylene (PE) bottles. This machine performs a process similar to one used to mold PET bottles, and does not have a stretching mechanism. It is an excellent machine because it alone can continuously perform the entire process from pre-forming to blow-molding of polyethylene plastic. This significantly reduces molding time. Please contact us if you want to mold PE bottles using an injection blow molding machine.

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Sales Pitch

1. Injection blow molding; 2. Induction sealing machine
1. Injection blow molding
● Bottle screw
The screw of a bottle is finished by injection molding, so dimensional accuracy is improved as compared with direct blow molding.
● Bottle bottom
The bottles are pre-formed by blowing, so the rate of holes developing on the bottom is reduced.
● Reduction of foreign matter and black stains
A hot runner mold is used, so the materials used are all virgin. The rate of foreign matter defects occurring is reduced.
● Stable production process from pre-form molding to blow molding
The production process is continuously performed from pre-form molding to blow molding. Hot-parison molding improves product quality stability.
● Advantage of multi-cavity molding
Multi-cavity molding is possible depending on the shape of the bottles.
2. Induction sealing machine
● The opening of a bottle is sealed with a dedicated aluminum seal in a contactless manner.
● Improvement in the added value of products is contributed in terms of tamper-resistance and moisture protection.

A reference video has been uploaded to our Facebook page.
Please search for “@since1994.HTS”.


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