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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:14

Yamase Seiki Co., Ltd.

We are committed to cemented carbide machining, super-hard mold making and wire electric discharge machining.

We manufacture ultraprecise metal mold parts and jigs. In particular, we specialize in high-quality and highly accurate processing. Our strength is the ability to manufacture precision punches. (Cemented carbide machining, super-hard molds, profile grinding processing, wire electric discharge machining, diemilling electric discharge machining and high-speed milling centers)

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What is cemented carbide machining?
Surface grinding machining
Needless to say it can achieve accuracy of ± 0.001 in terms of parallelism, flatness and verticality, our ultra-precision grinding technique aims for "accuracy as close to zero as possible" based on our technology and fine sensitivity.
Profile cutting
A grinder equipped with a projector is used to place a chart drawn with 0.002-mm lines on the screen. High-precision machining is enabled by matching contours as the workpiece is projected on the screen at 20x and 50x magnification. 
The sizes of grind stones range from 25 to 150 mm in diameter. We make full use of various tools to achieve the rounded corner ‘s minimum diameter of less than 0.02 mm and the dimension tolerance as close to zero as possible.
Wire discharge machining
We provide ultra-precision fine machining services using Sodick's Wire-cut EDM AP200L. 
We can process wires of diameters from 0.05 to 0.2 mm. 
Since it is a device exclusively designed for oil machining, the discharge gap is small. It’s ultra-precision machining can process surfaces into finest finish. This means that workpieces do not rust.
Diemilling electric discharge machining
By repeatedly generating micro discharges in insulating machining fluid, we process materials into 3D shapes which are inverted shapes of electrodes created in advance. Electric discharge machining is not limited to any single material. It can process many types of materials including cemented carbide, steel, copper-tungsten, copper, and titanium alloy.
High-speed milling center
Its linear motor drive improves productivity in fine and precision processing areas and achieves stable high-precision machining. The refined movement and powerful reaction can perform from processing of plastic mold fine parts to machining of metal parts. One feature is that a high quality machined surface can be obtained. It is also capable of processing precision parts and ultra-precision molds.

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