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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:20

Anbe SMT Co.

We manufacture and sell thermocouples with some of the world's fastest response times

We develop, manufacture, and distribute thermocouples, including high-speed response, ultra-fine, ultra-thin, and specially shaped products. Custom-order products are available. We also rent and distribute tabletop reflow ovens, and handle measurement like X-ray reflow simulator and surface tension testing on commission. 

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Products and services
Fast-response thermocouples
Thermocouples are thermal sensors based on the Seebeck effect, a phenomenon where a temperature difference in a body is directly converted into a voltage. A potential difference corresponding to the temperature of a junction is generated at both ends of a metal wire, and the temperature can be measured.

[Ultra-fine thermocouples (Fine)] 
The thermocouple itself has a small heat capacity, which results in an excellent response and high precision. These thermocouples have a thin wire (13, 25, or 50 micrometers in diameter) in the sheathed conductor. They are most suitable for temperature measurement of very fine parts and gases.

[Ultra-fine thin thermocouples (Fine-Sheet)]
Suitable for surface temperature measurement of fine parts. These thermocouples are based on the Fine thermocouple with a thinned tip. They have an excellent response and produce very precise measurements.

[Ultra-thin thermocouples (Sheet)]
Suitable for surface temperature measurement of planes, curves, and other surfaces of metal plates and other bodies. These are thin thermocouples (sheet type) with a thermocouple tip of only about 10 mm. They have an excellent response and an integrated structure, resulting in high durability.

[Multi-purpose thermocouples]
These are our most robust thermocouples. Their junction is not spherical, so their responsiveness is higher than general thermocouples.
Tabletop reflow ovens
We offer rentals and sales of tabletop reflow ovens.

Body dimensions: 300 W × 400 D × 390 H mm
Heater dimensions: 175 W × 265 D × 35 H mm
Reference maximum specimen size: A5 size

Body dimensions: 570 W × 560 D × 410 H mm
Heater dimensions: 380 W × 320 D × 55 H mm
Reference maximum specimen size: A4 size
Measurement service
[X-ray reflow simulator measurement service]
We can analyze how solder defects are generated by observing the movement of molten solder in the reflow solder on a printed circuit board.

[Surface tension measurement]
We provide measurement services on request with our independently developed surface tension meters.

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