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We open the door to new frontier

We, as a customizing manufacturer, customize synthetic resins such as unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy to have various curing characteristics based on the purpose of use.  We are manufacturers of raw resin for FRP products; however, we are gradually shifting our focus to the manufacture of environmental products. We carry “Clay Paint,” a natural, environmentally, and human-friendly indoor paint.

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We use our imagination to create new things
FRP products
Although FRP products are generally considered to be industrial products, our FRP resin can be provided with physical properties suitable for special applications and can support the production of products that cannot be found elsewhere. 
It can be used in a wide range of applications such as carbon composites, flame-retardant products, wind power generation blades, Shinkansen rail cushioning materials, aircraft interior materials, and automobile parts.
"Clay paint"
An indoor paint that was created in Germany, which has strict rules for environmental protection, that is as close as possible to being natural, using clay and minerals that have been ground into a fine powder and hardened with a natural adhesive (cellulose).
Product information
Gel coating
Top coating
Laminated resin
Functional resin

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