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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:39

US Engineering Ltd.

We respond to customer requirements with our craftsmanship and original ideas.

We are a manufacturer of character-based goods such as original acrylic key holders and badges. We use various techniques to produce products of outstanding beauty, including bubble-free bonding and large-format processing.

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Acrylic goods
Acrylic keychain
Two acrylic sheets are glued together to protect the printed surface. This also improves the sense of quality.
Standing figures
It is our feature that shapes can be freely created using die cutting. Please decorate your desk with your favorite characters.
 Acrylic dioramas
You can freely combine characters and backgrounds to reproduce your favorite scenes.
Acrylic badges
It is our feature that shapes can be freely created using die cutting. This distinguishes it from badges made of tin
Acrylic plates
The touch and color scheme of the artist can be reproduced on the panel as is.
Acrylic cubes
With multilayered bubble-free adhesion, 2.5D is expressed
Acrylic carabiners
What about this as a fashion item?
Acrylic passholders
Joining is performed using caulking and resin bonding.
Sandwich processing type
Sandwich the white plate and the color plate using front and back exterior acrylic plates.

Cable samples
We process various cables such as power cables, communication cables, and optical fiber cables into cable samples such as bamboo shoot type, paperweight type, and key chain type. 

Utility pole tags, signboards, and nameplates
We can provide various types such as engraving, laser engraving, silk screen, and UV printing.
Solid technical strength
1. Coating
  This protects the printed surface from scratches and abrasions by applying a transparent resin with a maximum film thickness of 80 μm. Clear 1-mm cross cut
2. Bubble-free adhesion
  We are able to bond clear acrylic without losing transparency and without bubbles.
3. Large-format processing
  We support non-standard sizes, including life-size. Our printing draws the eye with its overwhelming size and beauty. 
  (Maximum dimensions of 710 mm x 510 mm for full-color printing and a maximum size of 1300 mm x 1000 mm for laser cutting)
4. Thick material processing
  We make full use of devices such as lathes, engraving machines, mirror finishing machines, and buffing machines to perform mirror polishing and chamfering.
  We can create a three-dimensional effect by stacking multiple layers of bubble-free acrylic. 
5. Special processing
  We produce a variety of products by bending and folding with heat and bonding with materials other than acrylic.
  Can you do something like this? If you have any ideas, please contact us.

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