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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:18


We develop image processing software programs for a variety of fields.

We develop applications for various fields including visual inspection (of foreign objects and printed characters, for the semiconductor industry), the monitoring of equipment in factories, and the processing of images taken by electronic microscopes. We are able to develop software programs for a variety of purposes including imaging control, GUI development, and equipment control. 

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Sales Pitch

[Company profile]
[Description of business]
Development systems
-CAD programs for EDA for the semiconductor industry, and programs related to LSI testers
-LSI failure analysis tools
-Image processing or recognition programs 
-Application programs for mobile terminals or cellular phones
-Other various database systems and various applications

Selling systems
-NASFA, BeNAS, and AZSA (CAD navigation systems for LSI failure analysis [self-developed products])
-SView and SView-PC (LSI design data display programs [self-developed products])
-Marrive (cell counting program [self-developed product])
-SEM3D (SEM image 3D display program [self-developed product])
-AZblend (image superimposition verification software [self-developed product]) 
-Other systems (self-developed products)
[Development achievements]
Visual inspection software
Image recognition software
Monitoring systems
Medical imaging
Electronic microscopes related
Measurement hardware
*Development environments
-Image processing libraries
Matrox Imaging Library (MIL), MVTec HALCON, and OpenCV
-Deep learning
MVTec HALCON Deep Learning, Cognex VisionPro DeepLearning (former ViDi Suite), and Google TensorFlow
Windows 8 and 10, Windows10 IoT Enterprise 2019, Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and Suse), embedded Linux, and Android OS
-Development languages
C, C++, CLI, C#, VB/VB.NET, Python, Java, PHP, and Ruby
-GUI tools
MFC, WindowsForm/WPF, and Qt
-Development environments
VisualStudio 2012-2019 and Eclipse
sqlite, MySQL, Postgress, and SQL Server
[Message from the CEO]
Since our foundation in 1988, we have consistently been developing and selling software. In particular, the software tools in the Semiconductor EDA field, in which we have been involved since our foundation, have obtained high trust from many clients. In the future, we will utilize the technologies and experiences that we have so far nurtured, will not fail to adopt new technologies, and will dedicate all our strength, all for our many clients. In recent years, we have entered into new fields by obtaining image processing technologies. In not only the EDA field, but also various fields including the medical and food fields, we have been accumulating know-how on image processing technologies, gaining a reputation from more and more clients. Our methods for developing software are roughly classified into two styles. One is contract-based development. We listen to clients' requests and develop software from scratch. This development method allows for the provision of the program that is the only one of its kind in the world. With this method, we provide the programs that are very helpful, eliminate waste, and fully satisfy requirements. The other is selling/customizing self-developed products. We offer the products which meet your requirements and which you can immediately utilize. Furthermore, we are able to customize the products. Therefore, we meet requests such as "subtle customization."

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