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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:21

Monobe Engineering Co., Ltd.

Monobe Engineering creates a new industry through a technological revolution

Our Mono-Max Filters are quite long-lasting, high-performance industrial filters with incredibly low operating costs. They are easy to maintain and yet meet a wide range of needs for filters. It has attracted a great deal of attention as a precision filter that does not become waste, thus overturning the concept of conventional disposable filters.

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Mono MAX Filter — a spring type precision filtration device
Product features
•Feature 1. Ultra-long life
The Mono MAX filter is manufactured by forming a spring wire of Stainless Steel 316, which is difficult to process, into an elliptical wound spring, creating small protrusions with a height of several tens of microns on one side of the ellipse. The protrusions on the adjacent wires form minute gaps between the winding wires. The filter aid and SS (suspended solids) are accumulated in these gaps serving as a filtration membrane for precision filtration.

The Mono Max filter is an extremely low maintenance filter that meets various challenging filtration needs, having long service life, advanced filtration performance, and an astounding self-supporting cleaning function.

•Feature 2: Maintenance is minimal with self-standing backwash function
Conventional precision filters have a short life. They clog quickly and have to be discarded after use. The high costs of maintenance and filter replacement, as well as a large amount of industrial waste generated, put a heavy burden on the operators.

The Mono Max filter makes full use of the vibration and elasticity of the spring that responds even to the slightest fluid pressure on the outer and inner surface of the spring type filter. During filtration, an external pressure applies to the filter's outer surface, tightening and fixing the gap between the wires, holding the filtration membrane stably. On the other hand, during backwashing, an internal pressure slightly loosens the gaps between the wires, peeling off the residue stuck to the filter's outer surface easily. 

In short, the elimination of filter replacement reduces maintenance work, enabling excellent operation even for maintenance, contributing to a significant reduction in production costs.

•Feature 3: Lowest operating cost
Conventional filters require complicated maintenance works for replacement and cleaning, and the running cost for high precision filters is particularly high. In comparison, our spring filter has the following advantages:
-Semi-permanent life, minimal maintenance, and ultra-low running cost
-Excellent operability, — safely operable with a single touch of a button
-Since its simple and compact structure requires minimal grounding area, it performs microfiltration at low pressure, reducing power consumption and other operating costs considerably. 

•Feature 4: Meets a wide range of filtration themes
With the conventional filtration device, the substance to be filtered was determined by the type of filter. However, our Mono Max filter can handle filtration in a variety of fields such as follows:
-Civil engineering and construction
Purification of muddy water from construction for reuse. Removal of iron and manganese.
-Life and hygiene
Well water, pool water, bathtub water, rainwater, and industrial water.
-Civil engineering and construction
Purification of muddy water from construction for reuse. Removal of iron and manganese.
-Life and hygiene
Well water, pool water, bathtub water, rainwater, and industrial water.
-Drinks and food
Removal of SS in the extract. Removal of foreign substances from liquid foods.
-Shipbuilding and cars
Purification of ballast water. Filtration of car wash drainage for reuse.
-Machinery and metal
Recovery of valuables. Regeneration of coolant and plating solution.
-Air conditioning and powder
Removal of dust, collection of powder, and the removal of foreign substances in gas.
-Science and oil
Removal of SS from chemical solutions.
Removal and regeneration of edible oil and industrial oil.
Examples of effective applications
-River purification system
-Well water purification system
-Hot spring purification system
-Wastewater purification system for recycling or washing waste plastics
-Dried bonito broth
-Copper buff polishing drainage circulation system
-Various wastewater purification systems
-Tunnel construction muddy water purification system

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