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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:18

System Square Inc.

We manufacture equipment capable of metal detection, X-ray inspection, and other foreign matter inspection with HAACP-compliant cleanliness. With analysis by means of optical, X-ray image recognition, and AI, we realize high-precision detection.

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Sales Pitch

Metal detectors
[Easy to operate]
- With Japan's first color touch panel in the industry, we have made easy operation a reality.

[Highly sensitive and stable inspection]
- Even higher sensitivity and stability are achieved in inspection by V-mode inspection (which visualizes product characteristics with multiple phases) and the ECP feature (based on leading-edge data analysis technology).
- With two-frequency inspection, we detect ferrous and non-ferrous foreign matter simultaneously and sensitively to thoroughly prevent malfunction.
*We are the first to have implemented two-frequency inspection technology in mass-production machinery, for which we have ten years of experience.
- Our products are capable of phase follow-up, which controls malfunctions stemming from changes in product shape or temperature, or changes in position flowing through inspected coils.

[A rich stock of control capability]
- With a USB memory, you can export history data to your PC (2,000 items, optional).
- With LAN connectivity, you can control data in more than one machine with your PC (optional).
- We have 4 serial ports and 1 LAN port. The system can be used simultaneously with a PC, labeler, and barcode printer.
- Capable of access mode selection, the system prevents erroneous setting changes by inexperienced workers.

[HACCP-compliant cleanliness]
- The conveyor is easily detachable and reattachable without tools.
- The waterproof typewriter is structured simply, easy to clean, and hygienic.
- The system meets the dustproofness and waterproofness standard IP66 and sensitively meets wet lines.
X-ray systems
[Easy to operate] 
- Its touch panel for inspection makes the system very user-friendly.

[Diverse inspection functions]
- The system is capable of checking for foreign matter and for shape simultaneously (for products that can be inspected, please consult us).
- Masking (which specifies a range of inspection) and deficiency inspection (which checks for deficiencies in products) are possible at the same time as foreign matter inspection.
- It is also possible to detect impurities in aluminum wrappers and cans even if they do not transmit light.
- The system detects a wide range of impurities. The denser the substance, the easier it is to detect the impurities.

[Plenty of control functions]
- With a USB memory, you can export images and texts to your PC (optional).
- With LAN connectivity, you can control data in more than one machine with your PC (optional).

- We take various safety measures with worker safety being the top priority.
- We prevent inspection mistakes at the inspection port by allowing no product to enter the non-inspection range, illuminating the entire inspection port, and alerting the operator while the X-ray is emitted (patent pending).
- Low-energy X-ray beams are used mainly in foreign matter inspection.

[HACCP-compliant cleanliness]
- The system is completely made of HACCP-compliant stainless steel. It meets the dustproofness and waterproofness standard IP66 (inspection room).

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