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Latest update: 14/12/2017 02:07:43

Wing Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company excels at thick-plate shaving, PRG and TR press molding, and MIG welding. We design and manufacture molds, equipment, and jigs after receiving product drawings and data from the customer. We also do press working, welding, thermal treatment, plating, tapping, and deburring in-house, partially with the help of partner manufacturers. We possess various equipment for development and proposals, including press machines, welding machines, NC milling machines, and other machining equipment.

[Business description]
Our company was established in 1964. Our mainline business is press working and press mold design and production. We can machine metal sheets from 0.4 to 10 mm in thickness by 60 to 300-ton press working. We also handle tandem mold and PRG mold machining. We excel at 500-ton molding with transfer molds and PRG molds. We manufacture products for transportation equipment, jigs and tools, and OA equipment. Recently we have also started to our make use of own technologies to offer aluminum plastic working and CFRP machining.

Metal product manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Our corporate philosophy is that knowing the whole means knowing the parts. The whole refers to the equipment, and the parts are its individual components. Our company manufactures press molds and pressed products. We make the most of creativity and top technologies to satisfy customers. We always try to be aware of issues and solve them with a spirit of challenge. Our company has been accumulating a wealth of experience and excellent knowledge and technology for many years. We will all apply these advantages to continue taking on the challenge of making rapid progress to the new age and technology to improve the quality of equipment.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will actively improve our in-house equipment to establish production equipment capable of handling a wide range of products. We will also improve the technical power of each employee to be a company that society needs. We will ascertain market issues and needs by actively participating in exhibitions and trade fairs. Our company will gain the power to make proposals to satisfy requests from various industries. We aim to establish a corporate system for development and proposals by strengthening our development division.

[Awards and media coverage]
Business Innovation Method certification by Saitama Prefecture; Koedo E-Pro Grand Prix (Kawagoe City).

ISO 9001

[Intellectual property]
One laid-open patent application, four patents pending, and one patent acquired.

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ
公益財団法人 埼玉県産業振興公社