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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:40

SAWADA manufacturing Co., Ltd.

We understand the customer’s intention, express it accurately in the product, and ship it.

We are manufacturers who perform precision sheet metal processing, various trial sheet metal processing and mass production processing for OA equipment, mechanism part, and electronic part. When customer needs and expectations change, the market turns more competitive and technology advances, which is why we are striving to improve the quality and accuracy while meeting the requirements of our customers.

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Sales Pitch

Parts example
Part example 1
Material: Phosphor bronze t = 0.2, thickness left undrawn w = 0.2

Part example 2: Mirror holder
Material:stainless steel t = 0.3
Continuous step bending, and U-shaped bending of W = 0.5 to receive a mirror

Part example 3: cover
Material: stainless steel t = 0.2 h = 1.5 bending
Required precision ± 0.1
What are your concerns?
Please tell us about the “manufacturing image” that you are designing.
The performance of the processing machine is improving day by day, and the performance can be utilized to a higher degree by mastering it.
The specifications provided by the processing machine manufacturers can be obtained by anyone.
Will the specifications give you the performance, precision, and cost that you have set as a goal? 
We will prepare the answer that “we can do this way”.
Please let us know what your requirements are.

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