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Ninety years of commitment to medical and scientific equipment

As a sterilizer manufacturer, our company has users in a wide range of fields, including medical institutions, testing/research institutions, and private companies, mainly in pharmaceuticals and food areas. Our highly accelerated stress test (HAST) system and LED life evaluation equipment developed through temperature and humidity control technology are highly valued by the R & D departments in the fields of electronics, electricity, and materials. It has helped us expand the business globally, including in Japan, Asia, Europe, and North America.

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HV-II series high-pressure steam sterilizer (autoclave) 
Sterilize in the way you like — an autoclave with a color touch panel.
•Manual lock method
Adopts a slide lock system that can be manually opened and closed with a one-touch lever manually (patented as "an electromechanical lock system").

•Double interlock mechanism
Detects the pressure and temperature in the can during sterilization and locks the lid. The locked state is maintained even if a power failure or manual stop occurs.

•Unlocking temperature for the lid can be configured
Allows for setting the lid's unlocking temperature by course and memory to ensure safety when taking out.

•Forced cooling unit
After sterilization, it reduces the pressure with a forced cooling unit, which allows the user to take out sooner after sterilization.
HLM-36LBC retort sterilizer (small retort pot) 
Using high temperature and high-pressure steam, it allows cooking and sterilizing with simple operation. You can prepare various dishes easily and quickly. It calculates and controls F values, an essential element in the "boil in the big" food field. It gives a huge relief for anyone entering the sixth industry.
PC-R9 series highly accelerated stress test  (HAST) system
•You can select different control methods and exhaust modes depending on the purpose of the test
This product focuses on the correlation with various test conditions in the past. It operates using two control methods ("saturated" and "unsaturated") and three exhaust modes ("humidity maintained slow cooling mode,” "moist cooling mode," and "rapid exhaust mode") according to the purpose of the test.

•Three operation modes
Equipped with a cleaning operation mode in addition to a stationary operation mode and a programed operation mode in which you can register 1,500 steps, within a maximum of 150 patterns.

•Color touch panel
It is equipped with a new color touch panel that integrates all button operations, numerical values, graphs, and display of alarm messages.

•Commitment to the chamber
-It adopted a two-tank structure that has a test tank and a steam generation tank separately. Compared with the single-tank type structure, it fully utilizes the test tank's effective area (dry bulb) without affecting the temperature of the steam-generating tank (wet bulb) too much, realizing more consistent test evaluation. Besides, a round chamber is used for each tank because of its reliable strength and temperature distribution. 
-The system uses stainless steel SUS316L that has been subjected to electrolytic polishing to give smoothness and gloss to the chamber. It excels in corrosion resistance, anti-fouling property, removability, and cleanability, minimizing the influence of in-tank contamination.

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