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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:33

Sankokogyo Inc.

We consider the future together with our users

We are a manufacturer of products, which we develop in-house, such as 19-inch racks for high earthquake-proof servers, high-performance racks adopting frameless rack structure and sliding side panels as well as precision pressing equipment such as copiers and computers, and pressed sheet metal products. Our lineup includes the world’s only general-purpose rack that meets the DOCOMO Seismic Standard with a loading capacity of 600 kg, and the strongest product in the world in its class, which has a loading capacity of 1000 kg.

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Technology and products
The FITS construction method
It is the acronym for Flexible Integrated Tooling System, pronounced as FITS, and referred to as the FITS construction method. The system is also known as the Square Pipe One-Stroke method
Sanko Kogyo has obtained all patents and utility model rights for the frame processing method called the FITS construction method. Cut surfaces and bent portions of square pipes are processed with cutting dies and molds using a combination of techniques such as shaving, V-notching, and square-notching and then can be easily bent into the desire angle. We can process a pipe into any type of frame structure. 
Micron order precision sheet metal technology
The precision needed for the OA equipment is also required of the products used in their storage and loading, which means that micron order precision sheet metal technology is required.
As a compilation of our processing technology, FITS processing system, welding jig system, overhead traveling welding robot system, state-of-the-art laser welding system, measuring system (3D automatic measuring system), and specially designed micron order accuracy check system and high-level technology, we will make full use of our strengths and meet our customer needs.
Product - 19-inch rack
The seismic load weighs an astonishing 1200 kg (vibration test result by NTT Docomo standard, artificial seismic wave. not maximum loading capacity). We also accept custom-made sheet metal products in nonstandard sizing and for special applications.
Our an ultra-high earthquake resistant rack, which we use to pursue all functions such as equipment mounting, wiring, and maintenance, with a loading mass of 600 kg (earthquake resistance test results according to NEBS standard Zone 4). We also accept custom-made sheet metal products in nonstandard sizing and for special applications.
Other major products
Information equipment housings
High-speed copier housings
Autochanger cartridges for optical discs
Game console housings
Relay base station housings and bodies for communication companies
8-segment frames for use in data centers
Precision equipment stainless steel duct
Ultrasonic diagnostic device assembly
And many others

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