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A trading company specializing in leading-edge technology: from science to electronics and machinery

Since our foundation as an importing and trading company in 1919, we have been playing a part in the development of industry in a wide range of areas from physics and chemistry, the foundations of science and technology, to electronics and machinery. Today, we sell manufacturing machinery, consumables for manufacture, measuring and inspecting equipment, and other machinery both at home and abroad as a trading company specializing in leading-edge technology, to a wide range of customers involved in basic research in the food industry and other areas.

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A lineup of diverse products handled, ranging from pumps to life science, inorganic materials, and raw materials
We deal with a wide range of products from ordinary pumps to semiconductor pumps.
- Bellows pumps (air-driven, filled with chemicals)
- Air diaphragms
- Low-pulsation pumps (air-driven)
- Air pumps (diaphragm type, piston type, solenoid type, and bellows type)
- Accessories and peripherals (dumpers)
A lineup of members and precision machines for the cleaning process of silicon wafers in the semiconductor-manufacturing line
- Pumps (such as bellows pumps)
- Semiconductor-manufacturing filters (membrane filters, disposable filters, metal-removing filters, gas filters, housings)
- Spin dryers (quick wafer dryers) 
- Temperature controllers (pure water heaters)
- Surface inspection units (wafer surface inspection machines)
- Air showers (standard, upmarket)
- Clean booths/clean benches (bio clean benches, jet vertical clean benches, aluminum clean booths)
- Antistatic equipment (light-irradiating type)
- Blowers (motor-driven fans: general-purpose, dustproof, multiple, universal; motor-driven fan, silent; motor-driven noise, high pressure)
Life science equipment
- Cell shape analysis imaging system (3D cell scanners)
- Portable composition analyzers (handheld Raman spectrometers)
- Bioassay (aquarium for keeping small fish)
- Agitators and defoamers (3D ball mills, centrifugal agitators, agitators/defoamers, agitators/defoamers with vacuum device)
Analyzers and meters
- Illuminometers, color rendering illuminometers (spectrophotometers), digital illuminometers
- Illuminance meters and 2D color illuminance meters (illuminance meters, 2D color illuminance meters, chromatic luminance uniformity meters, phosphorescent illuminance meters)
- Strain gauges, surface stress meters
- Lamps, light sources, optical components, optical machinery
- Strain gauges, surface stress meters (tribo gears)
Battery evaluation devices
- Solar battery evaluators
- Secondary cell evaluators
Measuring equipment, etc.
- 3D X-ray CT units
- Electron microscope

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