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Latest update: 02/04/2020 16:42:10

Kyodo KY-Tec Corporation

We provide support for the following three enterprises: bus ducts, office automation floors, and roof/wall greening.

Kaitec is a coined word that combines "kaiteki" (comfort) and "technology." The company name fully represents our hope that all people that we come in contact with will feel comfortable. With our three enterprises (bus ducts, office automation floors, and roof/wall greening), we keep on tackling different challenges to provide products and services that make the world comfortable.


Sales Pitch

Bus ducts, office automation floors, roof/wall greening
An advanced bus duct power mains system that has revolutionized the concept of wiring
-As Japan's only manufacturer specializing in bus duct systems, Kyodo Kaitec has been producing safe, user-friendly bus ducts for more than half a century. During this period, we at Kaitec have held on to the idea that "protecting product safety comes before everything else." Bus duct mains generate few electromagnetic waves, being a clean mains system with little effect on people and computer circuits.

- We tackled the challenge of recycling ahead of our competition: Our mains, when removed, are recyclable, with the case, conductors, and insulators being independently recyclable. Kyodo Kaitec bus ducts, which we have delivered to more than 23,000 destinations, are a reliable brand that is friendly to people and the earth, and are used not only in Japan but in many other countries around the world.

[Product lineup]

- E-BD insulated bus ducts (a leading product that covers many types, large and small in capacity, and usable in various situations)

- A-S baby bus ducts (a plug-in bus duct designed for factory power and other facilities with many small-capacity loads)

- F-PE fireproof bus ducts (a bus duct that is energizable even when in a fire, certified by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency)

- SH-V small-size high-voltage bus ducts (a safely designed bus duct with an openable lid and capable of coping with a decline in insulation in poor environments)

- SS-T shaft stars (a low-voltage mains system developed specifically for vertical mains in rented buildings, apartment houses, and other buildings)

- SV-F black buses (a plug-in bus duct with a user-configurable plug-in hole and designed to supply power to servers)

- H-V high-voltage bus duct (a highly safe and reliable feeder bus duct for high-voltage and very high-voltage circuits)
An advanced office automation floor system
[A reliable track record of deliveries]
Understanding the floor as a system, we have a lineup of "networked floors" developed based on our unique design concept, along with Quad Fix 600, High Steel, Web Floor, and other original office automation floor products developed to meet the needs of the times. We are proud of our track record of having delivered these products to governmental agencies, schools, hospitals, and office buildings, along with other destinations with a cumulative total of more than 15 million square meters (the equivalent of about 320 Tokyo Domes). 

[A reliable product warranty]
A long-term warranty program is available as a service that allows you to use any product that you have purchased with peace of mind. It lasts 10 years (for Networked Floors and High Steels), which is groundbreaking in our industry.

[Product lineup]
- Networked Floors (made of very high-strength lightweight concrete, with a floor that is 40 mm or 29 mm high)
These floors, made of very high-strength lightweight concrete, are office automation floors with highly durable low-floored stationary structures. The 600 x 600 mm mat is structured so as to follow the floor flexibly, to be rattle-free, to provide an outstanding walking feel, and to be maintenance-free. They have many wiring outlets and enable wiring to be flexibly raised. With a 10-year warranty.

- High Steels (made of steel, with a floor that is 70 or 93 cm high)
[These steel-type stationary office automation floors are uniquely structured to be rattle-free. With their small and lightweight panels measuring 165 by 165 mm, these products allow easy wiring changes. The panels are made of high-strength steel and are highly durable. With a 10-year warranty.]

- Quad Fix 600 (made of a wooden core and steel, with a floor that is 50 to 300 mm high)
[These office automation floors made of wood-core steel consist of thin 19 x 19 mm panels. The panels are fixed on their four corners with locking screws to completely prevent rattling. Should you forget to tighten a locking screw the tile carpet would protrude, thereby allowing you to visually see that you have forgotten to tighten it. The product, which is a rattle-free system, has a three-year warranty.

- Web Floor (made of steel, with a floor that is 70 to 100 mm high)
[These brand-new types of office automation floors have a level-adjustable double floor and have groove-wired functions. The panel has a wiring groove around it, so that it can be wired with the wiring cover opened through its top. The wiring can also be easily taken out.]

- Flexible mat (made of very high-strength lightweight concrete, with a floor that is 40 mm high]
[These stationary mats are coupled with very high-strength, lightweight concrete 50 x 50 mm blocks. The mats have slits in them at intervals of 50 mm and flexibly follow the protrusions and recesses of the floor. These height-increasing materials need no fixing, so that they can be easily laid and removed.]

- Tile carpets with glue
[These tile carpets fit Kyodo Kaitec office automation floors perfectly. These products leave no adhesive material on the office automation floor, thereby keeping it non-sticky, which makes the wiring even easier to maintain. Moreover, the tile carpets are easy to peel off and leave no displacement.]
Passing beautiful global environments on to the next generation: roof/wall greening system
-  Kyodo Kaitec's roof/wall greening system
Roof/wall greening is very effective in addressing environmental protection issues, through means such as reducing global warming by controlling heat-island effects. Roof/wall greening has recently been required under the Factory Location Act, regional nature protection ordinances, and other regulations. Kyodo Kaitec's roof/wall greening, which we have delivered to more than 1,800 destinations, provides greening systems suited for various needs.

[Roof greening] With a rich track record of more than 1,700 deliveries, we perform roof greening on automatic irrigation systems. They are characterized by their highly flexible, speedy installation, ease of maintenance, and other features. They can be adapted to a variety of roof greening needs ranging from skyscrapers to detached houses.

[Wall greening]
This means planting plants in the walls of office buildings, skyscrapers, and other structures, thereby covering the walls. It not only provides beautiful sceneries but also helps control the wall temperature and reduce noise as well. The system is therefore used by many people. The system comes in unit type, planter type, and climbing type. 

- Roof-greening facilities that control rainwater outflows
A combination of rainwater-outflow controlling facilities that temporarily store rainwater with a roof-greening system, our new product Flood-proof Square Turf is now spotlighted as a means to combat torrential rains of the urban typhoon type (guerrilla downpours).

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