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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:23

Yuhara Mfg Co., Ltd.

We respond to all our users' needs by making full use of pipe forming, joining, and precision cutting technologies.

Our company manufactures and sells transportation equipment parts.
More than 80% of our products are "important safety-related parts" for automobiles," mostly focusing on the engine. Having a sense of responsibility for products that are critical to our users' lives, we have been able to manufacture safe and reliable products.

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Processing technology
Plastic processing
Generally speaking, the curved section on a bent pipe is 1.5 D or more. However, our company uses a self-developed vender who can handle 1.0 D round bending with the same diameter pipes while minimizing the occurrence of wrinkles, scratches, and damage from bending. The round bending process can be as small as 0.7 D. Regarding continuous bending, we can achieve 0.7 D for the central round section through our know-how.
•Pipe terminal
In addition to the standard spool, bulge, and flare processing, expansion and drawing are available. For materials under a warranty of 30% or less (for cracks, etc.), we can apply plastic working at nearly 40% success rate (max. 60%). The suitable materials include standard carbon steels such as STKM and STA to SUS, titanium alloy, and aluminum.
Combined processing
By using a continuous atmosphere furnace, we offer various brazing processes, including copper brazing, silver brazing, and brass brazing, as well as arc welding such as gas metal (MIG, MAG) and tungsten (TIG). Superposition production and resistance welding of spots are also available.
Precision cutting
Focusing on difficult-to-cut materials and high-precision machining, our company supports a wide range of parts such as auto parts, our main product, aerospace parts, and medical equipment parts. The work material includes general carbon steel (SC), alloy steel (SNCM), stainless steel (SUS), and heat-resistant alloy steel (NCF, commonly known as Inconel), alloy tool steel (SKD), and titanium alloy steel. Outer diameter is between 4 mm to 400 mm.

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