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Company that controls air

Under the slogan of "Only One", we develop and sell products related to air conditioners. The Air Wing, which we developed using customer feedback that "air blown from air conditioners is cold," has become the No.1 long-selling product in the industry. The total volume of shipments of the Air Wing Series exceeded 3 million.


Sales Pitch

Creative products
Air Wing Series
The Air Wing can easily be installed to the air conditioner you already use to prevent it from blowing directly at you. The Air Wing helps circulate and deliver comfortable air to each corner of the room, eliminating temperature differences in the room and contributing to energy saving.
The Air Wing can be installed to all air conditioners, regardless of their types (ceiling cassette air conditioners, wall-mounted air conditioners, and ceiling-mounted air conditioners with a line type outlet).
<Merits of the product>
1. It prevents air from the air conditioner from directly blowing at the user and makes air effectively circulate in the room. This eliminates "temperature differences" in the room and is expected to save energy.
2. It can easily be installed to the air conditioner by any person.
3. The arm part can be rotated back and forth by 180 degrees and largely moved up and down. Therefore, you can freely change the direction of air.
4. You can use it for coolers and heaters by simply changing the direction of the wing. It can be used all year round and a very convenient product.
<Comparing the Air Wing with rival products>
Unlike rival products, the Air Wing comes with a dew condensation prevention mat and a security kit for fall prevention. No other company produces a product comparable to the "Air Wing Slit" dedicated to ceiling-mounted air conditioners with a line type outlet. We have earned trust and accumulated achievements. For example, we have developed products through collaboration with DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, Ltd., a leading air conditioner manufacturer.  
JOKIN Series
This product eliminates floating viruses, bacteria, and bad-smelling air with chlorine dioxide which is blown with air from the air conditioner.
1. Chlorine dioxide has a beneficial effect on eliminating viruses, bacteria, and bad smells that are floating in the air or attached to things. Its high oxidation power is extremely highly evaluated in various fields. Therefore, chlorine dioxide is used in daily life for disinfecting tap water or as a space disinfectant (in low concentration).
2. Since chlorine dioxide molecules are heavier than air, they tend to accumulate at the lower part of the room including space around our lower legs. Therefore, stationary space disinfectant has difficulty in effectively disinfecting spaces. Since the "JOKIN Series" is installed at a height and chlorine dioxide molecules are blown with air from the air conditioner, the heavy molecules are successfully controlled.
3. "The JOKIN Attachment Type for air conditioners" is a filter for air conditioners which is made of nonwoven fabric impregnated with a chlorine dioxide generator. Simply attach the product to the air conditioner, and then chlorine dioxide spreads in the room.  
<Product description>
Air conditioner filter made from processed thinnings of Abies sachalinensis cut down in Hokkaido. Simply attach the product to the air conditioner inlet, and then the air conditioner becomes an air purification system similar to a forest.
1. The attachment method is simple: Attach the filter to the air conditioner inlet as if putting a seal.
2. The product can be attached to almost all types of air conditioners including ceiling cassette, ceiling-mounted, and wall-mounted air conditioners.
3. The product can be used to purify air in all indoor spaces, including shops, hospitals, schools, offices, and houses, in which an air conditioner is installed. 
<Merits of the product>
1. The Abies sachalinensis ingredients contained in the filter eliminate more than 99% of nitrogen dioxide, the main cause of air pollution, and more than 90% of ammonia odor contained in sweat odor or the like.
2. When the product is attached to the air conditioner inlet, dust and foreign objects are prevented from entering the air conditioner. Needless to say, the product is effective for purifying formaldehyde and toluene which are environmental pollutants.   
3. This is a sustainable product made from thinnings. This is the world's first air conditioner filter which, owing to the Abies sachalinensis ingredients contained in it, can eliminate 99% of nitrogen dioxide that is the main ingredient of exhaust gas as well as PM 2.5 and more than 90% of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

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