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Latest update: 30/09/2019 10:55:23

YUWA Corporation

Ultrafine! We will expand globally with our ±1 micron precision mold machining.

We are a manufacturer of ultra-small precision plastic products, headquartered in Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture.

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Ultrafine! We will expand globally with our ±1 micron precision mold machining.
Sophisticated fine mold machining techniques
Our group’s core mold factory keeps room temperature within ±0.5 degrees to maintain ±1 micron precision. Its floors are also provided with insulation against machine vibration. This is how we create a thoroughly controlled machining environment.
 More than 1500 parts are formed by molds we made, and these are assembled without causing any gaps or cumulative error. This is why we achieve a first-try pass rate of more than 90%, and can contribute to mass-production of products in terms of the minimum lead time.
Molding technologies adaptable to electronic devices that are becoming lighter, thinner, shorter, and smaller day by day
Electronic devices are becoming more advanced, and their components such as internal connectors are becoming lighter, thinner, shorter, and smaller. We are stably producing molded components with a weight of less than 0.001 g using our fine precision molds. We have also acquired knowledge in insert molding technology because of the integration of electronic components along with production innovations in recent years. This technology involves placing electrical terminals inside the mold before molding, rather than being press-fitted afterwards.
Mass-production system based on three production bases in Japan and abroad
We expanded our business to China in 2003 and to Vietnam in 2007. Our group’s sales exceed 8 billion yen, and the combination of our three production bases enables a stable supply of small precision products through a mass-production system. We achieve high quality in Japan and abroad by measures such as using image inspection machines for products requiring high precision. This is how we have gained deep trust from customers.
We are currently setting up a new plant in Vietnam. This will be a molding plant with improved cleanliness levels. We will also increase the scale of our mold machining.

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