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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:33

Technican Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Presentation of business areas, products, and technologies covered
Business areas and features
[Business areas]
We have developed (patented), manufacture, and sell Tomin (Frozen Hibernation) Liquid Freezers, equipped with a miraculous freezing method that generates no drips (a solution containing food juice and water) during thawing, thereby bringing foods on the table while maintaining their tastes, food touches to the tongue, and fresh colors that remain almost unchanged from before they were frozen. In addition, we develop and manufacture a wide range of food machines from tonnel freezers, food presses, meat cleaning conveyors, and other freezers, along with meat processors, vegetable dewaterers, and other machines. We have recently used our own equipment to enter the market of manufacturers/distributors of frozen fruits.

[Business segment]
Manufacture of food machinery and processing of frozen foods

[Corporate strengths]
We are a manufacturer that develops and manufactures a wide variety of food machines ranging from food proessors to vegetable dewaterers and other equipment. Our main products are our original Tomin (Frozen Hibernation) Liquid Freezers. We have had them patented in various countries and have delivered them to users both at home and abroad in various areas of processing, distributing, and consuming fishery, meat, and other products.
Overview of our products and technologies
[Strengths of our products and technology]
Frozen foods often deteriorate in quality by the time they are thawed. Our original Liquid Freezers Tomin (Frozen Hibernation), on the other hand, are characterized by their capability to keep foods undeteriorated in quality even after repeated freezing and thawing. Our strength lies in our expertise capable of addressing various issues with our freezing technology.

[Our internal system geared to exploring sales channels and going global]
We provide a lineup of Liquid Freezers Tomin (Frozen Hibernation), along with freezers, thawers, presses, cleaning conveyors, home freezing kits, and other food processors, to hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and factories for processing seafood, meat, and other foods. In handling Liquid Freezers Tomin (Frozen Hibernation), we will be actively responsive to inquiries from abroad as well.
Toward matching
[A message from the CEO]
Liquid Freezers Tomin (Frozen Hibernation) have been spotlighted since they hit the market, and have been delivered to many users both at home and abroad and have won their high acclaims. They have even come to be talked about in many media as well, attracting the attention of not only large restaurants, bars, food manufacturers, and distributors but governmental establishments as well.
We will continue to try developing original products responsive proactively to the future needs of the times and keep on manufacturing and delivering a wide variety of food machines.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are a food machinery manufacturer that develops a wide range of food-related machines, including meat processors and vegetable drainers. Our main product is our self-developed Tomin liquid freezer (patented in various countries). It has earned a high reputation from many domestic Japanese and overseas users in fields related to marine food products, meat, and other food-related production. It has also been well received in the retail and consumer fields. 

[Business description]
Our company develops, manufactures, and sells our own patented Tomin liquid freezers. They deliver almost the same deliciousness, texture, and colors as fresh foods to the dining table by preventing the loss of savory liquid during thawing through a miraculous freezing method. We develop and manufacture a wide variety of food equipment, including other types of freezers such as tunnel freezers, food press machines, and meat washing conveyors. We also offer processors and vegetable drainers. We have been making use of self-built equipment for production and sales while operating in the frozen fruit market during the last few years. 

Food equipment manufacturing; frozen food production

[Representative's message]
Our Tomin liquid freezer has aroused interest since its launch, and is highly valued by many users in Japan as well as overseas. Our company is committed to developing original products that satisfy the needs of the times. We will continue to develop a wide range of food machinery products for customers who need them. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
In addition to our main Tomin liquid freezer products, our company offers other types of freezers, thawing machines, pressing machines, washing conveyors, home-use freezing kits, and other food processing machinery. Our customers include hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and marine food product and meat processing plants. We are actively offering our Tomin liquid freezers to potential customers in other countries. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Yokohama Chizai Mirai Enterprise certification (five consecutive times).

TV Tokyo, “Gaia no Yoake,” introduction of the highest-grade fruits, joint production with Ginza Sembikiya.

[Intellectual property]
Our liquid freezer is patented both in Japan and overseas, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, China, and other countries in Europe and Asia. 

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